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Zacurate® Pro Series CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate® Pro Series CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover, batteries and lanyard (Glamorous Pink)
Offered by Med Shop and Beyond Price: CDN$ 35.99

For anyone interested in their health that wants more than just blood pressure, look to one of these


A low cost way to keep an eye on your health

Used with various other home health products this is a great additional item for monitoring your health. I like the idea of the devices simplicity. No wires, no technical training, just slip it on your finger, activate the power button and after a few seconds you get a reading of your current heart rate and blood O2 level. The expandable spring action here makes it possible to use on kids fingers or for guys like me with meat hooks that I like to call fingers. Once you squeeze the back of the device together like you would a clothes pin the front opens up. Slip it on the finger and now if needed you can gently push it further up to get in onto those larger fingers.

When first slipped on the finger and the power button is depressed the display lights up, does a very quick self-check and then shows a number of dashes ( – – – ) where the reading will be displayed. Once it has determined the heart rate and O2 level it shows and updates the display continuously. The display also has a bar graph that scrolls upwards with every heart beat showing that its functioning. The display will also show when the batteries are getting low.

Because the device is smart enough to know when it’s no longer being used, it doesn’t sense that there is anything to monitor, it powers down on its own to save battery power.

Replacing batteries is very easy. Pop off the bottom cover and you now have access to the batteries. Polarity is important, make sure you place the new batteries so that they match the diagram molded into the plastic underneath the battery.

While there’s no mistaking it, this is for a personal use item, I can see that in an emergency this will be a very handy device to have available. We have all manner of thermometers and a couple of blood pressure monitors which are fine if all you need is the information they provide but having information on your ongoing heart rate and O2 levels provides a little deeper insight into what might be going on.

Its small size has made it easy to stow away in our home emergency kit. The fact that it operates on standard AAA batteries means not having to worry about getting it recharged right when you need it. Because it could be a long time before it will be needed I pulled the batteries so that they won’t damage the device should they start to leak like many alkaline cells will do. I also like that it doesn’t use button cells as these would die far too quickly in this application and they cost more than the AAA’s.

The included silicone cover fits loosely to both top and bottom. It will certainly help to protect the sides and bottom but the screen has no protection. It’s also made so that the power button can be depressed with the case on it.

It’s easy to determine the devices accuracy on heart rate by counting your own heart beats but the only way to find out if the Oximeter is accurate is to take it a medical facility and convince someone there to use one of their far costlier hospital versions and then compare. I’m thinking that for home use this will be more than adequate.

You should read the included manual, its very thorough and explains how the device works, contraindications to using it and contains a lot of other very useful information.

~I’m pretty happy to have this in the emergency kit
~The LED display is quite large and readable from any angle.
~Uses to AAA batteries for power
~Within 10 seconds of slipping it onto your finger you have both heart rate and blood oxygen information
~It’s small enough to slip into even a back pack emergency kit
~Can accommodate users from younger kids to old grumps like me
~Non-invasive technology
~Comes with a silicone case for protection
~Display is easy to read even in non-direct sunlight

The only thing I don’t like about it (besides the pink colour but I’m not taking points because of colour) is the lack of any kind of a pouch or carry case that would provide some physical protection.




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