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Wonstart Wireless True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 4.2, with Mic

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Smallest ear pieces I’ve used with audio that I’d expect in higher tier products


While there’s not much, size wise, to these little earphones there’s a lot to like. I’ve been using them now for a couple of weeks without any hic ups.

I’m pretty happy with this set. The ear pieces are the smallest (non-cable connected) I’ve encountered and are indeed light weight. The audio quality is excellent, I’ve heard no distortion or buzzing type of electrical noise that some BT headsets have. It doesn’t matter what I play through these things, it sounds great. Most Bluetooth headsets I have require some kind of equalization because they either have too much bass or lack it. This headset covers bass to highs with equal volume/quality. If you’re looking for a headset that will make your ear drums slap high fives in the middle of your head this isn’t for you. If you want quality audio whether listening to classical, pop, rock, dance, or metal then this combo delivers. The volume is plenty loud enough for me and I can’t listen to them for more than a few seconds at max.

► Due to the light weight and good fit I’ve not had any issues with feeling earphone fatigue. Also since these have no wires at all, running from one side to the other, there’s no wire rubbing against a neck or shirt sound that comes with regular headsets, both wired and standard wireless.

► I used two different Android phones, an iPhone, and a Lumia 650 Windows phone. It didn’t matter what it was connected to the audio was simply very good. With any kind of an audio product how it sounds is a very personal thing. I can only tell you how I enjoyed this headset and what it sounded like for me. You’ll probably have a different experience but this is what equalizers were made for and in most cases making a few tweaks on an equalizer will produce a more pleasing result for virtually anybody.

► Setting them up, pairing, is super simple and the manual walked me through the process. There’s not much that you need the manual for if you’ve used wireless BT headsets previously.

► I was happy to find that charging didn’t involve using micro USB cables at the ear piece. I prefer slipping them into the holder which then charges them. With headsets, I always feel like inserting or removing cables will end up breaking the device when it’s something this small. External LED’s located on the front of the holder indicate whether charging is still happening or completed. In addition to providing a charging pod the holder has an internal battery that will charge the headset even when a USB port isn’t available, it’s an on the go charge station.

► Using them at home they have slightly better range than most other BT headsets I own. This surprised me considering the small size.

► The maker specifies 3 hours of actual play time, when you consider how small the batteries are I found I was getting at least 4 hours depending on the volume but at a level that I would consider normal.

► One important item to me is their ability to sync properly while watching video. What I mean is that when watching a movie or streaming vids on Netflix the audio I hear is in sync with the video. Actors speaking (lips moving) coincide with the audio I hear, just as wired speakers would. Many BT headsets have a very noticeable latency which makes them useless for anything other than music or podcasts.

► The left-hand ear piece doubles as a phone headset, this is where the mic is located. The MF button on this ear piece is used for answering and hanging up calls. Otherwise the two MF buttons (one on each) are used to either skip ahead or back in a play list. Phone audio, both incoming and outgoing is as good as any other headset I have used.

The included three sizes of gels should help make a good fit for most people and the two different sizes of wings help to keep these things in the ears even when moving about. While I understand that to keep them small there had to be some give and take but for a better fit I would have preferred if the tube which gels are placed on were slightly longer so that the gel could go just a little deeper into the ear canal and seal better.

Overall this is so far the best truly wireless headset I have been able to use.




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