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Wireless Headphones Mpow Seashell Bluetooth Headphones Running Sports Headphones with microphone

Wireless Headphones Mpow Seashell Bluetooth Headphones Running Sports Headphones with Microphone for iPhone and Other Smartphone ( Bluetooth 4.1, CVC 6.0 technology, aptX, 7-hour Playing Time )

Offered by Patox Price: £19.99



Good sound and look great!

I have a few different blue tooth earphones and have to say while these are on the cheaper end they don’t give that impression in build quality. They look well made and tough, all plastics are well finished and these earphones are more than usable.

The seashell earphones have great clarity in sound and hold reasonable bass for their compact size. I have tried all sorts of music and have to say they are good in all, of course an EQ always helps to improve the sound to proffered configuration but I have to say am genuinely impressed with the quality.

The connection is idiot proof and the manual ample, simply hold the BT button for 5 or so seconds to see a blinking red/blue light to signify ‘ready to connect’ then search in phone/ divice settings to search for BT devices and done. The connectivity is perfectly sound for my uses in that my phone is never too far from the buds but it can handle up to 10 metres which is more than I’d need.

All in all a great set of BT earphones, sound great, look great and great connectivity. My only complaint is the fact that even with the choice of extra ear support and ear bud sizes I found in jogging they fall out of my ear. For that reason I have only given 4 stars from 5 but honestly cannot recommend them enough for anyone doing lighter impact sports (cycling, gym work etc) or for around the home and walking.

Happy with my order and an easy recommendation from me!

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