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WiMiUS Sports Action Camera 4K Wi-Fi Ultra HD

WiMiUS Sports Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD 1080P 16MP Dual Screen (back:2.0 inch+front:0.66 inch ) Waterproof Video Camera Camcorder Include 2pcs Batteries With Mounting Accessories Kits (Q4) (Silver)
Offered by digital_family Price: CDN$ 99.99

More features than other cameras in its class plus the display is easy for us older types to see


Of the three action cam’s I now own this is one gets the most use and attention. I like a lot of things about it but the most readily visible reason is the large rear display, the others have displays that are maybe 70% of this one.

For people who like short stories:
I enjoy using this particular camera primarily because the main display is large and the Wi-Fi app works with no hiccups. I save time by being able to use the front facing display to see the status of important items without the need to activate the main display and, all of my mounting accessories that I use on other cameras work here. There’s a lot to like whether you are looking for technical specs on its video capture ability or the long list of other specs that are listed for this camera. I’m also really liking the slow motion capture effect, makes for some interesting video’s.

The good stuff up front:
~Front facing display for info on battery status and other items
~Large rear full colour display
~Accessories for connecting and strapping the camera on are the same as those for other action cams
~The Wi-Fi app is very easy use and provides control over camera settings
~Comes with two batteries and a little charger cup for charging without using the camera
~Batteries are the same as my other action cams
~Full 4K recording (for full details see camera specs listed by the seller)
~Includes ‘Slow Motion’ recording, and interesting mode my other cameras don’t have
~Usual functions like time/date stamping videos and images

One of the greatest benefits of buying one of these cameras vs. the big brand name, beyond the pricing, is that all of the accessories for mounting or strapping these cameras onto yourself or anything else fit. The mounting seems to be universal, certainly with the lower cost cameras I already own, everything is interchangeable. The only item that is specific to this one camera is the water proof housing. When you look at where the front facing display is, the other cameras have their power button. This display is simple, it shows elapsed time on the current loop, battery status, if there is a TF card installed, and mode of operation (video or image) and is only functional when the camera is powered on.

Operating the camera is the same as the others. The big difference I found is the Wi-Fi connection capability. Here the app installed and worked flawlessly. In the Apple or Google app stores look for ‘WIMIUS CAM’. Install and follow the directions to connect. You will need to place the camera in Wi-Fi mode first. Power up the camera by holding the front facing power button for two seconds, once the camera is powered up (if its automatically recording press the top OK button to stop it) and then depress the UP button on the right-hand side. It will then show you that it’s set up and ready connect to as well as the password. In the app follow the directions. It’s really a simple process and once you’re in the app you can set various programmable items, it’s a lot easier here than scrolling through the settings on the display.

The manual does a very good job of walking you through the camera functions and features. It’s written in a non-technical way so people new to the format can easily get set up and running in about 10 minutes or less.

The camera came with a number of accessories that allow for use in a wide range of applications. What I liked most about the included items were two batteries and an external battery charger cup. My other cameras came with one battery and charging was done with the battery inserted it the camera. Here you have the ability to charge two at a time, one in the camera and one in the charger. The charging cup uses a standard micro USB cable to connect to any USB port. This is the same connector that’s located on the left-hand side of the camera. You can have the camera connected to power and run it at the same time, this way you don’t run down the batteries. A good example of this is when used as a dash cam. While this is nice it can only be done when the camera is not in its water proof housing.

For using the video and picture files there are two options. Pull the TF (micro SD) card and insert it in a reader or adapter on your PC or attach the camera to your PC via micro USB cable. When attached to a PC the display will ask you which mode you would like to use. You can select from three options USB Mode for accessing the TF card files, PC Camera so it can be used as a camera for Skype and FaceTime type applications, and Charging Mode where it does nothing but charge the battery. Use the side up/down button to change the option and then press the OK button to select. I found that when used as a PC camera it worked better than I expected but there was a little bit of lag between when I said something and when I could see my lips moving. I can live with this since this is an extra feature and not its primary function. Access the picture and video files it just like access any files located on your computer. In Windows Explorer (My Computer) the camera showed up as “UDISK”.

Over all I’m very pleased with the camera and all of its features plus the accessories that came with it.

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