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Weber Displays YIHUA 30V 5A Digital Precision DC Power Supply Adjustable Stable, Lab Grade 305D

Weber Displays YIHUA 30V 5A Digital Precision DC Power Supply Adjustable Stable, Lab Grade 305D 
WeberDisplays Price: CDN$ 129.99

A good all around general use bench supply


I’ve been running this power supply almost every day for the last three years. I’m relatively happy with it although there are a few things that I would like to see changed.

Please see the images below which indicate how close the supply’s own voltage meter matches up with a Fluke. Its close enough but it does vary in a nonlinear way so you can’t do an across the range compensation when changing voltage. It is advertised as a 30-volt supply but I have never been able to achieve full voltage, its close enough at 29.9 but it should do what its labelled at. Current wise I’ve found that it hits the 5-amp level with a few milliamps over and differential between the on board amp meter and an external meter is much closer across the range, within 0.03 amps typical.

I’ve found that it does run warm and the internal temperature sensing fan operates almost continually after being on and supplying current for about 5 minutes. I’ve never seen it get overly hot and it shouldn’t as its well vented on either side.

The pot’s used for both voltage and current control (fine and coarse) are a little twitchy, hard to find just the right point, as if they’re dirty. If you’ve spent any time on a bench, you’ll know what I mean. The banana connectors are average and offer both wire clamp, banana plugs coming off straight out or at 90 degrees.

I’ve often had it on a Fluke scope and find it to be fairly clean, very little noise across the range.

Over all for the money it’s been a decent variable supply that’s nice to have on the bench.




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