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Viva Naturals Reduced Glutathione Supplement with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Viva Naturals Reduced Glutathione Supplement with Alpha Lipoic Acid for Antioxidant Benefits, 500mg, 60 Capsules


Seems to be effective is the right form of Glutathione if you need it

As with any supplement there will always be discussion whether or not there is any benefit in taking this product. First off, before using this or any supplement, save Vitamin C, talk to your health care professional, preferably a holistic practitioner to discuss possible interaction between the supplement and any medication you may be taking.

Glutathione and ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) have been around for some time and can be used for various conditions, typically to help with chronic illness although ALA offers the body something it needs when healing from injuries or surgery’s. Straight Glutathione is almost useless as the digestive capabilities in our bodies tends to destroy it before being absorbed, in reduced form this isn’t as dramatic but keep in mind that your body body will actually be able to absorb only a portion of what you take in.

The reason I started using it was cancer, after a round with colon cancer and the after effects of the body being damaged by surgery, and thus more susceptible to infections because the immune system was compromised, I started taking this along with other specific supplements. Here’s the second important thing to keep in mind, don’t expect this to be the single boost your immune system needs to keep you healthy, while effective its efficacy is greatly improved when taken with other targeted supplements that also boost and build up your immune system. This targeting is important and why you should seek professional guidance with supplements as simply piling on the vitamins, while being better then not taking them, won’t be anywhere near as effective as taking the right combination.

In three years after the surgery I haven’t had a single cold or flu, I attribute this to cleaning up nutrition wise and adding things like Glutathione to our daily routine. I know I’m not bullet proof but I am proof that you can stay healthy without chemicals. By the way I didn’t do chemo, I went with natural alternative treatments.

So after all of the above, when I switched to the Viva Glutathione I can’t say that I experienced any change or negative effects. Previous to this I was already using high end product, this is the third important thing to remember, with supplements you really get what you pay for. Cheap dollar store stuff is just that and about as useless in keeping the body healthy as eating corn flakes.

I Like the product and I like Viva, I’ve been able to use a number of their products and each has been on the high-end quality wise.


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