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Viva Naturals Organic Maca Root

Viva Naturals Organic Maca Root, 500 milligrams, 250 Veggie Capsules, Gelatinized for Enhanced Bioavailability

Price: CDN$ 81.34


Very nice product from a company that seems like its headed in the right direction

Since we’ve been using MACA daily for just under three years I can’t tell you that the Viva product has made a big difference. I can tell you that when we started using MACA every day we did notice changes, enough positive changes that we’ve kept using it. Our choice was the powdered form rather than capsules simply because we can add it to almost anything we eat daily and we found that buying the powdered version saved some money.

We originally started using MACA as part of an alternative treatment scheme, which included other no chemical products, after my cancer surgery. Rather than take the chemo route I went natural and after almost three years all the oncologist can say is keep doing what your doing. She’s even commented that people who change up their diets and take advantage of some supplements that help the immune system seem to have less problems with reoccurring cancer. MACA does help your body’s immune system function properly, more importantly is avoiding junk food and chemicals, during those times when it’s weighed down because the body is loaded with crud, things like processed foods – an excellent example are the cheap pizzas that get delivered right to your door or some of the Colonels best fried poultry. After surgery my energy levels were very low, even a little boost made a difference to my general demeanor so I got a double whammy, I felt better and my immune system was getting something that helped it perform. Sleep got better and mental clarity also increased.

As for it helping with low libido problems, well that must be more of an individualized physiological reaction. Let’s just say it had no effect with my wife – sorry honey, don’t make me live in the garage again… Like many other supplements MACA is used by people for various reasons and this is good but I would recommend talking to your health care provider before taking it, especially if you’re on any prescription medications as there’s a small chance of a negative interaction.

There are a lot of high end suppliers for both capsule and powder but it’s nice to see Viva providing an option. Of the many products they provide, the ones we’ve had the opportunity to try have been top tier, a few we’ve even started to buy on a regular basis. I’m not sure we’ll do the same thing here simply because of the very high cost and the fact that the far less costly powder is easy for us to utilize daily.

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