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Victor M310S Tin Cat Live Mouse Trap

Victor M310S Tin Cat Live Mouse Trap
Price: CDN$ 24.34


Allows for putting mice back into their food chain while keeping my tomatoes safe

Fall, that time of year when mice decide it’s time to crawl into our green house and munch on whatever might be growing inside. I wouldn’t mind this so much IF they were to only eat one tomato and then go about their rodent business but no… they have to take a bite from one, then a bite from the next and so one. This pretty much makes 50% of the crop unusable other than for feeding the composter.

We’ve used various traps with good success but they all have to be emptied and reset each morning. Here the capacity, and the fact that when one is trapped others seem to come out to either mount a rescue or just see what the fuss is about, makes it very easy to catch more. Point is that there is no reloading other than the bait which we put inside a little window screen ball so that the mouse (mice) that get caught don’t eat all of the bait. The fact that mice aren’t killed in this trap means that even if we miss a day we don’t have to worry about a corpse(s) rotting or a trap not getting reset.

The catch mechanism is a self reset system so there is no need to pull back on anything, no batteries required, and no catching of my fingers when something goes wrong. With entrances on either end it just needs to be placed along the raised bed wall inside the green house where the mice tent to travel.

I admit I’m not thrilled about the fact that more than one mouse can be trapped inside this thing and this can be problematic if left for too long. Mice have been known to turn on each other and this thing makes it a rodent Fight Club. Not the humane system it was intended to be. To make sure this scenario doesn’t happen we check and empty each day but whereas we were catching two mice (two traps) each night we’ve now managed to catch up to 5 in the first night. So far I’ve not found any chewed tomatoes, seems peanut butter is a big fav for the little guys and they go for it first.

Emptying it is easy, the top lid pops off quickly which allows the prisoners to escape and carry on. Since we live very close to a ravine we simply relocate them. I’m sure some will or have made their way back but they are part of the food chain they belong in. There are enough birds of prey and four-footed predators that feed on them. All we’re doing is putting them back into that food chain rather than taking them out of it.

I appreciate that the trap is easy to clean up as well, mice are well known for the amount they can defecate and when trapped the environment only seems to speed up the process. I found that a quick spray down with a garden hose does a very good job. If needed I could take it to a wand wash and give it a power washing without ever worrying that this might damage it.

So not the cheapest trap but can hold several at one time and is sturdier than most.

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