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Victor M260CAN Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor M260CAN Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap


This is a beautiful device. We have a travel trailer that gets parked for most of the year. We’ve done everything we can to seal off any holes where mice can get in with steel wool, we’ve tossed dryer sheets into compartments (mice are smart enough to stay away from these chemical laden stinky things) but we still ended up with mice chewing up all manner of things in the trailer. I have nothing against mice, they can flourish in the fields and forests where they’re part of the food chain but I can’t tolerate them in my home or trailer, anywhere I sleep and eat.

Conventional mouse traps work great but they’re a one-shot deal and need to be attended to every day. They can also trap the mouse but not kill it and as much as I don’t like them in my stuff I also don’t want to see them suffer. The M260CAN Multi-Kill makes sure that the mouse is dead quickly by using high voltage to kill it fast. After that it automatically rotates the chamber and drops the corpse into the catch bin, resets itself and is ready to go again. Because the mice end up in the catch bin I don’t have to touch them when disposing of the corpses.

The day after we set it up we had three mice in the bin, we know they didn’t suffer, if a mouse is trapped they will claw and chew trying to get out, the bin is unmarked meaning that the critters were dead when dropped into the bin. No suffering.

The maker claims that one set of four D cells is good for up to 150 mice captures and the bin will hold 10 mice, we’ll see. They also claim that it will hold 10 mice but the large white belly variety we have here are large enough that the bin might hold 6.

The design for getting mice into the trap is also well thought out and implemented. It’s meant to be pushed up against a wall so that the two entrances are placed such that as the mice scramble along the floor and wall they can run right in. Then the little bit of peanut butter that gets smeared on the far side of the chamber draws them all the way in. When the mouse touches two of the three metal plates the device delivers the high voltage zapping charge which kills the mouse. The whole thing is made to attract mice and kill them humanely.

I don’t often give 5 stars but this device deserves all five. It works unattended, doesn’t allow the mice to suffer, and allows you do dump the dead mice without touching them.




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