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Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap

Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap (Pack of 3)
Price: CDN$ 10.49


Is it a better mouse trap, yes. Does it need a couple more tweaks, also yes

We deal with a lot of mice in our garden and green house so I’ve had the opportunity to try several different versions and brands. I’ve really started to appreciate features is this design.

First off set up is very easy. The way that the rear door closes tight and holds the bait makes it impossible for a mouse to get at it without triggering the trap. Unless the “Arnold Schwarzenegger” of mice comes along and manages to pry the rear door open the only way it’s going to eat the peanut butter is by putting its head deep into the kill zone. The trigger is best described as hair pin meaning it takes very little pressure to set it off. Setting it up doesn’t include any snapped fingers. There is no way to injure myself here. Pull up on the slider and push down on the little set point, done. This can even be done one handed as in the video.

The design is also attractive to mice, they like hiding in crevices and holes. The entrance here looks like a safe place from a mouse perspective and then add the scent of peanut butter, mouse heaven.

Once the mouse enters the tube and sticks its head through the trap actuator the gate is plunged down and things are over very quickly. I’ve not had any peanut butter robbed and in the 4 nights the three of them have been set up we’ve cleaned out 10 mice. Cleaning them out is easy, place the open end over a garbage container and pull up on the slider. The mouse then drops right out, if done the very next morning.

There are two things that I don’t care for:
First is that the whole thing can easily be rolled because it’s not very wide which would then set it off. With other traps, they have small holes through the base which allows for a large nail to be pushed through that then secures it to the ground. There isn’t a single spot where any kind of wire or nail could be used to hold right side up.
Secondly if not cleaned out the next day, especially when it’s warm, the decaying corpse will stick to the inside which means it will need to be dug out. This already happens with the open style of trap but at least a twig or something similar can be used to dislodge the corpse. As it is now, I need to shake and thump the open end against the inside of a garbage can to get the critter removed.

Overall it’s a good mouse trap, just needs a couple of tweaks to make it great.

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