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V76 by Vaughn Energy Body, 8 fl. oz.

V76 by Vaughn Energy Body, 8 fl. oz.
Price: CDN$ 19.00


Nice scent, works hard, and look ma – almost no chemicals

I’m impressed.

A body wash that doesn’t have a strong chemical scent, has an ingredients list that isn’t loaded with bad chemicals and actually contains some natural products. Excellent!

I find the scent to be more of a unisex thing. It’s light, not obnoxious and rinses of quickly. It also doesn’t leave any lingering odour, at least not that I can detect.

In use it doesn’t take much to get a lot done which is a good thing since the bottle isn’t large and pricing is on the high end for this kind of product. I find that half a pump gets most of the job done. It does lather up quite a bit and does an excellent job of cleaning. It cuts right through all manner of grime and sweat without causing any dryness. I have eczema on the backs of my wrists which flares right up when I use some products but I’ve not had any reaction with this. My skin actually feels good after a shower.

As I first said, I’m impressed with this wash. No toxic chemicals, that’s right no SLS or Parabens, so it is possible to make a product that doesn’t use industrial strength engine cleaners for use on a body and still get a nice clean. This shift towards more natural ingredients is a welcome change from the barrage of chemicals our bodies have had to deal with for so many years.

To the nice people at Vaughn, thanks for working toward chemical free products.

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