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Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box – Modern Keepsake Storage Organizer

Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box – Modern Keepsake Storage Organizer with Hidden Compartment Drawers for Ring, Bracelet, Watch, Necklace, Earrings, and Accessories
Price: CDN$ 70.00


Failed to impress

When I saw the images I thought this was a good looking jewelery box with a 70’s retro kind of look that also appeared functional. It ended up being not that functional and once up close it doesn’t look that great either. The general design is ok, it’s the construction that’s mostly lacking. When I showed it to my wife I got a Shania Twian response “That don’t impress me much” and for once she wasn’t talking about me.

The light finished wood grain gives it a nice appearance but the way each piece is assembled shows poor workmanship. The joints aren’t all squared and there are a couple of spots, one where the wood has been damaged on an edge and on one corner is seems to have been dropped as the corner has been rounded off. There are four dollar store type clear silicone dots that act as feet and keep it from sliding around. I doubt these will stay in place for long as they can already be nudged sideways.

The top white metal lid does take away from the overall look, makes it seem cheap. If a wooden lid with some inlaid pattern would have been used it would complement the look and add some class. The blank white sheet of painted metal offers one thing, a spot to place something that coves up the white space.

Each compartment has the bottom lined with a soft material which is soft enough that it won’t scratch the valuables. The ring holder has enough space to comfortably hold 24 average sized rings. The rings simply get pushed down into the slot between two material coated fingers. Once there they sit snug.

The “hidden” wood drawer, which is part of the top slide is, useful and can be slid out the front or back side – the not so great thing here is that it can also be slid out the front or back side. What I mean is that if it isn’t positioned just right it jams and keeps the top from being closed again. In my opinion if it was set up so that it could only open to the front (the side which has the bottom pull out drawer) it could be pushed in till it stops, then everything could be closed up. The top metal sliding lid has a large and obvious gap when closed.

The front pull out drawer is again a victim of poor workmanship. Because it slides out of the main frame there is a gap around the whole thing which isn’t great and on its own not a real problem except that the gap isn’t the same width around the drawer once pushed in. The drawer itself does have a stop, it isn’t made to be removed from the box.

Overall I’m disappointed. With a little more attention and replacing the lid with something more decorative this could be a really nice piece.

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