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Tweez’em Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers for Ingrown Hair, Eyebrow Hair, Facial Hairs

Tweez’em Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers for Ingrown Hair, Eyebrow Hair, Facial Hairs – Great for Splinters and Glass Removal – Steel Pointy Ends Meet Perfectly – Perfect Valentine Gift
Offered by Majestic Bombay  Price: CDN$ 12.99

It’s easy to be picky with this thing


Tweezers, where would we be without them.

I do a lot of work with small items and have many tweezers of various sizes points, tweezers with curved, broad, and forked points. All of them help to serve a certain purpose but in all of them I look for a couple of things and these are deal breakers if they aren’t there.

I hate it when you go to grab onto something with a pair of tweezers and the steel is too soft to get a good grip, the tweezer arms bend. Yes, there needs to be some give but this is by far the biggest measure of how good one of these simple tools is.

Secondly, it the tweezers have a point it should be sharp so that if you need to remove a small spec of some kind you can do it without having to switch out tools.

The Tweez’em’s take care of both above items for me. Not only are they strong, they are strong right to the very tip. I often need to use tweezers on my bench for placing or removing electronics components. This will often mean that I need to scrape off a small piece of solder or help open a hole in a circuit board. I can do these things using the Tweez’ems.

I did in fact have a couple of ingrown hairs that needed to be terminated and took care of them before using them on the bench. Again the sharp point helped immensely in the process. My wife was watching with amusement and decided to try plucking a few eyebrow hairs, she was well pleased with their performance.

I can state that beyond the most discussed items these are used for, taking care of niggly little hairs, they are most useable for manipulating all manner of small items. I can easily see anyone who builds to scale replica models making use of these, again the sharp point and strength make this possible.

While they may be made of stainless there is a fair degree of carbon steel in them that gives them the strength and allows for the sty sharp points. All this means is that if you do get them wet it’s best to wipe them dry so that you avoid any rust spots which could form.

An important item on their construction. If you look at them from the side, you ‘ll notice that the material nearest the top joint where the two prongs are welded together, is thinner than where you press. This helps to keep the points properly aligned and provide the spring back action. Cheaper tweezers do not employ this simple and effective design element. This means that they are easier to use and offer better longevity.

~Strong right to the points
~Sharp points make it easy picking out items such as individual hairs
~The yellow colour makes finding them easy (yes this is in fact a good point)
~Proper construction design that makes them easier to use



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