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TOPELEK Precision Screwdriver Set, 58 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit with 54 Mini Multi Bits Set

TOPELEK Precision Screwdriver Set,58 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit with 54 Mini Multi Bits Sets,Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel Repair Hand Tool Set for Iphone/Laptops/Tablet/PC/MacBook and Electronics
Offered by Golden Ray
Price: CDN$ 20.99


Nice selection and well-built pieces in a small driver kit

I spend a lot of time on the bench servicing various electronic devices and often also effect repairs on site (no shortage of things to do at the inlaws) which means I need to bring my tools along and there’s only so much room in the case. I’ve been using other driver/bit combo kits but they simply aren’t as organised.

The selection of bits is great. It simply can’t contain every bit but really the only one’s lacking as far as I’m concerned are nut drivers. Including two larger sizes would be great but that would change the way everything is laid out and just wouldn’t be workable.

I appreciate the security bits. I don’t need them that often but simply having them handy and organised makes dealing with consumer proof devices much easier.

A close in section of all bits showed that they are well molded. The plating is ok, some of the bits show some flaking and rough edges but this is just a cosmetic thing and in my experience shiny plating doesn’t hinder nor does it improve longevity. The main issue is hardness of the steel used and this will require more than a weeks’ worth of testing to determine but so far I feel fairly confident that they will last for some time and take a fair bit of abuse. Each of the bits is sized properly for a snug fit which eliminates stripping out screw heads.

The handle feels good and the top mounted swivel/spinner makes one handed use simple when starting screws or nuts. As both the handle and top knob are plastic there was a little binding which a drop of oil handled nicely. Now it spins without any resistance. With the inlaid silicone grips, it’s possible to provide a fair bit of torque without the need to really grab the handle.

While the driver handle and mini grip are both magnetic the bits themselves are not. When using a bit in the grip there is some magnetic effect at the other end of a bit but its weak and depending on the size of screw I was working with, the bigger ones tended to slip off with even a slight amount of sideways contact.

The indented pull out extension on the handle ad’s just over 3 1/4 inches to its reach. Indents (5) are spaced out approximately 5/8 inch (17mm +/-) to provide a nice selection of options when dealing with fasteners inside cases.

The snap in flex cable provides 5 inches of extra length and while I won’t be talking wheel nuts off on a vehicle with this thing it is fairly ridged when removing/tightening fasteners used in electronics and working around corners. There is slight twisting when really torqueing on it but not such that it makes the tool unusable. The outer cover doesn’t spin, it’s a sleeve which allows for bracing and counterbalancing any twist without adding resistance.

The case is nice but I can already see that with repeated use the clear plastic insert that holds the various pieces won’t last very long, depending on how harsh it gets handled. It’s basically the same material and thickness as blister pack packaging.

In all this is a nice set to include on a bench or mobile tool kit. There are a couple of things that could be better, and that’s why I won’t give it 5 stars, but as far as performance I can’t complain.

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