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Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – 1-pack

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – 1-pack
Price: CDN$ 29.99

Mated to something you want to find makes life easier


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Before I get into the actual device and app I want to make sure everyone understands how invasive this technology is before buying.

The ’tile’ app is thee most privacy invasive software I have seen in a very long time. There’s just no getting around it they tell you straight up, in both the TOS and Privacy Statements it tells you that the company can and will use the demographic information it collects on you in any way it wants including sharing it with partners. Anything that you upload to their cloud services belongs to them and you are giving them exclusive rights to use, manipulate and distribute that material in any way they choose without compensating you.

Please view the screen shots from the set-up process below. This is shameless demographics collection that you have to know is going to be used to target you with all manner of advertising. The scary part is that even if you turn off location services on your own phone you’re not safe. As it clearly outlines in the screen shots, anyone else who happens to have the app installed and is near you will cause the tile to report its location through THEIR phone. That’s right, the company can find out where you shop, eat, go to church, jog, or walk the dog simply by your tile reporting its location through someone else’s phone running the app. However, the other phones and their users will not be able to see your tile.

Ok so the scary stuff out of the way. If you still want to use the service, well it’s pretty cool.

There is no pairing the tile through Bluetooth settings as you would normally do with a Bluetooth device. Once the app is ready to go it pairs with the tile easily and then there are some very interesting features. You do have to register and create an account in order to get to the point where you can tie a tile to the app. The process is simple and you can register right through the app. Once you’ve created the account you will be sent a validation code via email. Enter the code in the app and you’re off.

I found locating the tile simple. You simply walk around with the app open and use the proximity feature to tell when your close to the device. Once you get a green circle you can make the tile play a little tune which helps guide you to it.

If, and I say if reluctantly, you have location services turned on the web site will allow you to view the last known location of the tile(s) under your account on a map. Now proximity here is Bluetooth distance which is at best 10 meters (30 feet) so the location overlaid on the map will be fairly close to where the tile was left as long as the location services on your phone can actually get a GPS lock (this gets far to technical to explain here but buildings, underground parking and just about any structure can block GPS signals). This is really the idea for this feature, if you leave something behind the map will let you get close to its last known location. Then use the proximity feature to zero in on the tile.

What I really liked, if you have the tile in hand but can’t find the phone, double press the silver tile logo and if the phone is within range it will play a tune associated with the app. This only works if the app is left running. When doing this the tile itself will play a little tune. If the app is off or the phone is out of range, it plays a different tune that even without knowing what it means would indicate something isn’t connected. Please see the screen shots below showing some of these app features.

The Tie Mate puts a lot of capability into a very small device that touts a one-year battery life. There is no user replaceable battery and the company offers a cost-effective replacement plan for devices with dead batteries but at this time there is nothing on their site that indicates what the replacement charges are. The warranty matches the battery life, 1-year, and has the standard limitations.

The size is similar to a large key fob so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your keychain if that’s how you want to use it. The 5mm diameter hole easily allows it to be added to a keyring or tie wrapped to almost anything. The volume when activated is sufficient when you consider there is only one small hole in the back that allows sound out of the Tile.

Yes, it has limitations but it also provides an ability to find items that would otherwise be a lot tougher to locate.

All in all, this is an easy to use device and there will be dozens of applications you could think of
I found the app very simple both to set up and use
The tile itself while having to real speaker isn’t really loud enough to heard when trapped between cushions on a sofa or stuffed in a purse
I like that pairing a tile with the app is painless, totally non-technical
When using the web interface, I found the site easy to access through both the app and PC online
There are so many Bluetooth devices we already use that we can have a good idea of the coverage that can be expected between phone and tile
The app works and does not require a 10-year-old to set it up

Great idea and product but beware the intrusion to your comings and goings.

The included information could contain more detail. You need to head over to their site to get some details.

I’m dropping one star because the app needs to be open in order to call the phone from the button and this means battery power is going to be used. The product itself is so simple, one button for calling the phone but it’s just another piece of technology laying around if the app is not running.

While the app is uber invasive and I strongly suggest you read both the TOS and Privacy Statement before buying or using this device my review here is of the device and its performance.


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