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ThorFire Zoomable Super Bright Headlight

ThorFire Zoomable Super Bright Headlight Head torch Headlamps Flashlight for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Running and Reading, Powered by AAA Batteries
Offered by ThorFire & More Price: CDN$ 21.99

Lots of light in a light general use headset


There are a lot of head mounted lights out there, this is one of the lighter ones that still provides a really good amount of light.

One of the most important things about a head lamp is comfort, especially when needing to wearing it for extended periods. The materials used on the bands are soft and wide enough that they don’t leave behind any of those lines, like when you’ve slept too long on a crease in your pillow. These bands are also easily adjustable and I found that I have more than enough length for them to fit my head or wear over a toque.

The rear mounted battery pack nicely balances out the light so that it doesn’t want to slide down the front or back. It takes three AAA batteries and there’s a red LED that flashes to indicate a low battery condition, switch on the light and check, so your not caught with batteries that die after 5 minutes 2 hours form any new ones.

There’s a nice wide and soft foam strip applied on the back side of the light that makes it comfortable on my forehead.

I appreciate the zoom feature on this light. Others that I’ve had only have a couple of LED’s and that’s it, there’s no facility to have a wide beam or focus the light on one spot. While I don’t often need to zoom the light out for distance the times when I need it, it makes life easier. Also, having the ability to swivel the light a full 90 degrees means that beyond just providing light on the bench for working on a watch or whatever when I have it on my head I can place the light on the ground, desk, or hang it from a wall and have it shine at the right angle to provide light on the work area.

Activating the light while wearing it on my head is easy, the push button switch is located on the bottom side of the light housing. There are three modes that you toggle through as you depress the switch:
~Low power (which is still very bright)
~High power
~SOS, the light flashes three short, three long, and three short and then repeats as long as the battery lasts which is important in an emergency situation.

Overall this is a nice light weight general use headlamp set up that’s making my life easier especially as I get older…


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