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TERRO T1812CAN Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes

TERRO T1812CAN Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes
Price: CDN$ 24.10


Draws them in but it will take time to determine how well it will work to eliminate a whole colony

We have a couple of problem colonies, I’ve tried to encourage them to move but no go. Flooding and a few home brew non-chemical concoctions had zero effect. I don’t mind ants as long as they keep from building a nest in my lawn or right smack in the middle of my wife’s flower bed. I don’t like using chemicals and only do so as a last resort. They have their purpose in a garden/yard but when they just won’t relocate I give in.

Unfortunately it’s a little late in the year to tell how effective the bait will be at eliminating a complete colony but it does draw them in. If they eat it plus take some back into the colony then as long as it kills we should see the colony disappear.

Using the traps is simple enough, in theory.

Pushing the bottom portion into the ground is easy and the whole trap can take the needed downward pressure without breaking. I’m not sure what the little window is for as it’s hard to see any fluid level even when I have it in hand never mind once it’s planted. While I don’t know if the bait is toxic to humans I’m not interested in finding out so I was careful to keep the trap level or the open hole facing up to avoid spilling the contents.

While I’ve seen the traps draw them in there are a couple of things which are part of the package design that need attention:
► First off the outside is very slippery and I’ve seen ants slide off as they try to climb, being drawn in by whatever it is they sense. As a result I’ve had to poke a larger hole in the soil so that the whole trap sat lower allowing the ants easy access to the hole which allows them access to the bait. Because the bait is liquid I understand why the access is placed high, now if there were some sort of a design with ribs or a course outer finish it would allow the ants to keep a grip and climb up.
► The tab used for opening up the bait reservoir could/should be improved. Out of four that I deployed only two broke away cleanly. With the other two I have to go in with a knife to cut lose the tab portion which didn’t break off. In one case the lid which holds the bait reservoir popped open as I tried to pry the tab off because I was prying sideways.
► There doesn’t seem to be any information on what kill agent the bait contains, with other bait products they’ve always listed the active ingredients.

I’ll follow up when/if I see any evidence that the bait is having an effect.

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