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TeckNet Pure Mini 2.4G Wireless Mouse 3 Adjustable DPI Levels: 1600/1200/800dPi

TeckNet Pure Mini 2.4G Wireless Mouse, Nano Receiver, 18 Month Battery Life, 3 Adjustable DPI Levels: 1600/1200/800dPi
Offered by Hippidion.Ca.Store Price: CDN$ 15.99

Good all around mouse for general computer use


This is a good solid all-around mouse.

Uses one standard AA battery including rechargeables (these need to be recharged externally in an appropriate charger)
I like that the left and right hand sides have a non-slip coating, makes for handling the mouse easier.
The left side forward/back button feel solid
The left and right mouse buttons have a solid click feel and sound, no mushiness here but my wife finds them a little stiff for her liking
The scroll wheel is nicely indented, no freewheeling here
The DPI switch mounted right behind the scroll wheel offers three different mouse speeds, 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI
With the battery the weight is nice
Bottom pads are ok, the one under the scroll wheel covers almost the entire width, the opposite end has two small pads
The optical sensor is mounted in the centre where it should be
Uses a standard 2.4Ghz low profile receiver that can be left in a laptop even when placing the LT in a case.
range between the mouse and receiver is good, I’ve used it without issues up to 20 feet from the receiver
Installation is simple, plug in the receiver and Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 immediately find the device and install drivers without the need to download anything.
By default the left hand buttons are set up in Windows for back and forward, in a browser or even Windows Explorer (My Computer) without the need to configure anything. This has been standard for me on every PC I have used with a mouse that has these buttons

This is one item that will get mixed opinions. The auto power down feature, for me it’s a hassle. I don’t like having to click a button to bring the mouse out of sleep mode, I would prefer that the manufacturer put a switch on the bottom instead. When using the mouse and stepping away for a few minutes the mouse goes to sleep, when you get back and go to work nothing happens until you click a top button.

What I don’t like is the location of the pocket for the USB receiver. It’s on the bottom side of the mouse on its own. While it’s held snuggly it does protrude slightly and has caught on items in my laptop case when placing the LT it in or taking it out of the case. It would be have been better to put this pocket under the battery compartment cover.

#### NOTE: another reviewer answered a question about the unit having a power switch on the bottom, as I just described and as the images supplied by the manufacturer show this mouse DOES NOT have a power button.

I give the mouse 4 1/2 stars and would gladly give it 5 if they hid the USB receiver under the battery cover and put a power switch on it.

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