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TaoTronics Car DVR Dash Cam 2K For Super Night Vision With 32GB SD Card

TaoTronics Car DVR Dash Cam 2K For Super Night Vision (400W Sensor, 160 Degrees Wide Angle Lens, 2 Inch Screen, 32GB SD Card, G-Sensor)


Excellent quality videos and options for a decent price

As its advertised coming with a TF card I was sceptical of what make the card would be at this price point so after pulling it out of the box the first thing I did was pull the TF card out to see what it shipped with. It’s an honest to goodness SamSung 32BG card, not some cheap Asian knock off. See the images below, it’s a full 32GB card with decent transfer speed. I’m impressed! The card came preformatted and ready to go, there was nothing I needed to do with it. To read the contents I can either connect the whole camera to my PC via USB cable or pop out the TF card and use a carrier to insert into my laptops SD card port. Video files are saved in .MOV format and easily played on any OS.

TL;DR – Excellent value for the money. The dashcam offers features and resolutuon many ohters in iots class can’t provide. Excellent video in all lighting conditions as per the video.

With similar dash cams, one of their downfalls in my opinion is the software they run. Many use the same foundation programming, I’ve seen it in no less than six completely different cameras, with only slight variations and it’s a poor product. I find that navigating through those other cams is a real PITA. Here TaoTronics is using a completely different software offering that works and is set up such that making changes to program settings is easy and makes sense.

I don’t like suction cup mounting and was pleased to find that I received two options, the typical suction cup version and an adhesive pad mount with a second adhesive and a pry tool with which to remove the mount if needed. This is a nice touch and shows some class and forethought for times when the windshield might need to be replaced and the camera reconnected.

► Installing the camera in vehicle was easy, running the cable so that it’s out of site and out of the way took maybe 10 minutes. The other steps took a couple of minutes each and within 20 minutes I had a completely set up and fully functioning dash cam in my wife’s car.

The video produced is far better than the reproduction Amazon shows here, the 2K vids are very clear and it’s easy to make out things like license plates if needed. Options for park mode, recording length, display on, G force activation, and others offer enough choices to set the device up to work the way I prefer rather than make me use some engineer’s idea of what works best.

When I compare this to the other dashcams I have that are in the same price range there’s no contest if I were asked which I think is the better camera, this wins hands down for many reasons but especially because of its programming.
► The camera optics are excellent. The video here was shot through the protective cover that ships on the lens, I forgot to take it off, and the video still looks better than the other cameras.
► The manual is well laid out and written in full English as well as French and Chinese. It walks a person right through all the options, should anyone want to make changes. There is QR code which when scanned links you to an online guide.

When I first received the dashcam I was concerned that when mounted it would vibrate like other similar cams I already own. The connection between mount and camera seemed flimsy. After a week of driving and replaying the video I can’t complain. Yes there are a few places where I hit a good sized pot hole that caused some vibration but in general the video stabilization does a very good job of keeping the vids clean. I believe that part of the reason is how light weight this thing is. By keeping the internal battery only large enough to work in capturing emergency situations that drastically cut its weight. There’s no need for a big battery in this thing, I’m not going to use it for shooting wedding videos!

After a week I’ve not been able to list anything negative with this camera. In its class this is a very fine option that has produced video which is in line with the more expensive dash cams I already own.

Resolution settings:
2560×1080 30FPS
2304×1296 30FPS
1920×1080 45FPS
1920×1080 HDR 30FPS

Record cycles:
1 minute
3 minutes
5 minutes

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