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TANNC Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Flip Leather Wallet Phone Case.

TANNC Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Flip Leather Wallet Phone Case [Layered Dandy] - [Card Slot][Flip][Wallet] - For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Device -Black
TANNC Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

It just doesn’t get any classier than Tannc Phone Cases!

Title says it all really. Presented in a classy box there is the case, screen protector and I welcome message. For a start before you even get to the case you open a very nice slide out draw style box of course imprinted in the brand “Tannc” inside I found a lovely cloth bag protecting the case and screen protector from any possibility of damage. The screen protector then protected by the case itself! The screen protector goes on the phone very easily with a little instruction printed clearly and easy to follow. I found that the screen protector does NOT in any-way blur or drain the colour image on my phone which is a good start compared to some. The protector went on easy enough with only one little buddle that was easily worked out from the edge leaving a nice bubble-less finish.

The case (in black) has such a classy look and feel to it, every stitch well finished and the phone carriage holds the phone tight yet somehow easy enough to remove when needed. On the front of the case is the branded mark of a “T” while the inside has an in-print of the words “designed by Tannc in NYC”. On the inside there is 2 nice pockets with a finished lip (again unlike some others I have had) which give the feeling of strength when putting in and out your plastic cards. There is also a larger pocket behind the two in sight that would happily fit things a little larger than a standard credit card.

The case fits very well and have no doubt that an accidental drop will not damage the phone inside (at least externally) Also i noticed when the case is fastened there is a slight (maybe 2mm) gap between phone and front case flat allowing for my cards in the pockets without making the case to tight to fasten, which is a problem i have had in the past when things are in my case.

There is no doubt that this case is the best looking and probably the best in protection that I have ever had before and certainly will be buying my future cases from Tannc!

All in all a great buy and have since ordered two more for family members as Tannc do a case for most modern mobile phones.

100% happy to recommend and extremely unlikely to buy my cases anywhere else in the future.

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