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Szco Supplies WatchFire Camper’s Hatchet

Szco Supplies WatchFire Camper’s Hatchet
Price: CDN$ 14.95


Not a log splitter, it’s a hatchet and pretty good one, keep one in your trunk and thank me later

These are nice little hatchets for keeping in the trunk of your car. Think of them as a piece of emergency gear. It’s not something that you purposely want to head into the bush with but it sure is nice to have when your caught short. They are thin but that also keeps them light, there will always be a trade-off but again if you keep in mind what these are really good for the trade-off is of no concern.

I’ve had two of these for over two years and in that time I have had quite a few opportunities to use them in various applications. This is not a log splitter, it’s a hatchet. If you need to trim branches or make kindling, it’s a perfect fit. The rubber handle is nice to hold and although it gets slippery in the cold it’s still easy to keep a grip on, no different than a high end hatchet. There’s not really any problems keeping an edge on them. The steel isn’t the highest quality; you won’t get that for $15.00 but it isn’t the worst I’ve had to deal with either.

Just keep in mind what these are and compare them to other items in their class, not log splitters or long handles axes. Trust me, if you carry a pack and want to keep it light while still having something you can depend on these will keep you happy. Added to that the price is very attractive. Since they are made of one piece of steel and a rubber handle you need not worry about the head coming lose on the handle like other items in this class.

If you need/want a good solid easy to stow away hatchet don’t be afraid to get one of these. For me they have proven themselves over two years and I’m happy knowing I have them in my trunk.

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