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Syba M.2 and MSATA SSD Dual Connector to SATA III 2.5-Inch Enclosure

Syba M.2 and MSATA SSD Dual Connector to SATA III 2.5-Inch Enclosure

Price: CDN$ 38.38

Will not work with Samsung 950 series M.2 NVMe drives

In case anyone wants to buy this for the Samsung 950 M.2 NVMe series of SSD’s, it won’t work.

I’ve had no joy finding an external enclosure for the 950 M.2 drives. All of the external devices I’ve tried, even though they state they are made for M.2 will not accept these drives. I wish manufacturers would mention this in the product description. All they have to do is state, not for NVMe drives but without it we end up guessing.

I never had a chance to try the device so cannot comment on it. The construction seemed to be a bit week, very thing tine clam shell that the circuit board mounts on. While this is ok if the whole thing is mounted inside a laptop or adapter in a PC, the problem is that in the interim while your handling it there is a lot of flex that could break a through the whole plating connection which would disable the whole thing, the fact that the board itself is on the thin side doesn’t help.

So unfortunately it had to be returned.

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