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SUNCO 10 Pack – T8 LED Tube Light 4ft 48″,18W,5000K 2,000 Lumens

SUNCO 10 Pack – T8 LED Tube Light 4ft 48″,18W,5000K (Daylight), 2,000 Lumens, Works WITH or Without a Ballast! Fluorescent Replacement Light Lamp, Clear Cover,UL,DLC Plug and Play, 2 Sided Connection


Good lamps and excellent customer service despite some problems

Seems I received a number of bad lamps in my order. Out of the 10 only 4 worked. The other 6 shorted out and kept kicking out the breaker any time I powered them on. The 4 lamps that do work are bright, they provide a lot of light and although LED’s tend to be directional they cast a fairly wide beam. Like other similar lamps these are far more efficient than a standard 48inch fluorescent bulb. Also like other LED lamps they work equally as well on a ballast or without one. The only hitch I found was when using them on a ballast, if in a two-lamp fixture only one lap was installed it flickers endlessly. Personally, I remove ballasts when installing LED lights as I don’t want or need the additional heating ballasts create.

These are a direct replacement for standard T8 fluorescent (the most common used in homes and other older office fixtures) bulbs that fit right into the tombstone connectors.

Buying a box of 10 does bring a price advantage and I won’t hesitate to reorder since I still needs more lamps. I know that the seller will stand by their product, others haven’t been as accommodating when things went bad.

I contacted the seller and they immediately refunded the whole order, within 20 minutes of calling the problem was solved. Within 12 hours the credit was issued to my account, excellent customer service. While there can be dud’s with this kind of product I appreciate a seller who stands behind their product and acts quickly to ensure their clients are satisfied.


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