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Sennheiser HD 461G Headset with Inline Mic and 3 Button Control for Android devices

Sennheiser HD 461G Headset with Inline Mic and 3 Button Control for Android devices
Price: CDN$ 59.97


At this price point the headset is one heck of a bargain, excellent audio for tunes and phone calls

There are still plenty of uses for wired headsets in a world that’s filling up with wireless Bluetooth versions. At the end of the review I’ll explain how to change this into a Bluetooth headset.

Sennhieser is name that I have been familiar with for decades because I have used several of their speaker products over the years. The name has always been synonymous with quality and fidelity. This product has remained in that realm even though the pricing isn’t astronomical like many of their other products.

My wife has a portable CD player that she still uses regularly but as she doesn’t like the little cheap plastic ear buds that came with it so she’s been using a behind the head on the ear headset, the cheap dollar store variety that’s used more because of convenience than sound quality. After I plugged this headset in for her and she slipped on it on, it took all of 5 seconds for her to get a smile on her face.

We have another set of over the ear muffs that are wired but they’re considerably heavier than this one and even though she liked the sound she was uncomfortable with the weight, hence she ended up using the cheap headset. Personally the difference between this and even the better over the previous ear set is huge.

For listening I found that I needed to pull back on the lower end bass frequencies in my equalizer as it has excellent bass response. Even with heavy bass these drivers have no problems being able to reproduce all of the subtle things that fill out music, especially if you like listening to classical music. Muted instruments like flutes, cymbals, string instruments, they’re all there is the background bringing a richness to music that lesser headsets can’t deliver.
~Even at low volume this headset can reproduce low, mid, and high frequencies at an even balance
~At high volumes with heavy bass I found no distortion
~Every genre of music I tried had clarity and was crisp which provides an immersive experience

To get a broader experience I tested it on several devices:
BlackBerry PRIV
BlackBerry DTECK50
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Lumia 650
iPhone 4
Amazon Kindle Fire
BlackBerry Playbook (yup, still use one of those)
ASUS G752 Laptop
The end result is that no matter what it was connected to it reproduced excellent audio, as good as the device was able to produce.

The clarity of this headset really does immerse you in the music. As long as the source contains the full spectrum of frequencies this headset will deliver them to you. Many people complain about products like this saying they sound muddy or muted, to them I say switch sources. The typical MP3 compression removes so much of the music that it will sound muddy. Plug the headset into a CD player or select digital tunes that have been converted from CD using a compression scheme that creates those huge files no one wants because they take up too much memory, these are the ones where you will be able to hear how truly fine this headset is. In fact, with this headset it’s easy to hear the distortion that results in CD audio being compressed into MP3’s.

Fit and finish are excellent. There are no rough edges anywhere, no blemishes or misaligned pieces. For comfort the muffs can be moved in three dimensions. The head band has lots of expandability for sizing. The foam muffs are very comfortable. As it is an over the ear headset they do a fairly good job of isolating you from external noises making the audio you want to hear sound even better.
~Muffs are set up so that their mounts can swivel in two dimensions plus the head band expands for a custom fit
~Inside of the headband has a nice foam strip to keeps it comfortable while resting on the top of your head
~While the drivers can produce excellent bass the whole headset is light weight
~After hours of use I sensed no fatigue or pressure like lesser headsets can cause

The little control box located on the cable allows for controlling volume and pause/play of music or answering/hanging up phone calls. For clarity, the mic audio on this headset beats anything else I have that I can use for making voice calls. The clarity going both ways is exceptional.

As a side note, if you would like to use these as a Bluetooth headset Amazon carries a very cool little BT receiver/transmitter that was intended for using in your car to get your phone connected to a radio as long as it has an auxiliary input (standard audio jack) that it can be plugged into. You pair your phone to the device and then plug the headset straight into the device. That’s it, you know have a BT headset that far exceeds anything in this price range even with the combined price.
~~ MPTECK hands-free Bluetooth Music Receiver -> MPTECK hands-free Bluetooth Music Receiver car Stereo 3.5mm Aux-In and microphone for stereo phone Cars Car Sound Systems Music Non-Bluetooth TV Home Theater.


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