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Scotch Double Sided Tape – 2 Rolls

Scotch Double Sided Tape, 12.7mm x 10.1m, 2 Rolls, (137DM-2)
Price: CDN$ 6.28


Excellent product that stands up to temperature extremes while maintaining adhesion

I know it’s a simple thing, double sided tape but there is a bit of thought that goes into producing this stuff that makes it useful in so many different ways.

First off the adhesive needs to stick to a lot of different surfaces but it also needs to be such that if not applied in exactly the right spot it can be removed without damaging what it was applied to. This is a more important aspect of the product for my wife who uses it for her crafted cards. For me, it’s more about the adhesives ability to stay tacky while going from -40 to 30 as I use it on windows. We live in an older home and haven’t upgraded all the windows yet so each fall I need to cover them with thin shrink film which helps prevent drafts due to poor fitting pieces.

Then each spring I need to remove the stuff with hopefully minimal effort and so far the Scotch brand stuff has been nice to work with. I can get the tape with probably 95% of the adhesives off of the trim that it’s applied to. Also, I’ve not had the finish on any piece of trim get damaged while removing the tape. I was expecting there to be some damage once the tape really got heated up but not one single issue so far. So it holds tight on the trim and also on the shrink film, almost like the two were made for each other.

There isn’t a lot of stretch to this stuff and really when using it to hold two items like sheets of paper together there shouldn’t be any stretch or it would warp the paper in some way. This has happened with some dollar store stuff my wife picked up. Like everything else, you get what you pay for.

The only thing that really stands out as a negative is the holder. It’s almost completely useless for this type of tape. It’s flimsy which results in poor cutting when trying to use the teeth to separate a piece off the role. We simply pop the roles off the dispenser and toss them in recycling.

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