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SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC UHS-I/Class 10 Card 48MB/s

SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC UHS-I/Class 10 Card 48MB/s (SDSQUNB-032G-GN3MN)

Faster than most users will require and don’t listen to the chatter about fake products, this is Amazon


There seems to be a lot of chatter about fake or knock off SanDisk products and I don’t know why. This is Amazon, if a seller was to be caught selling inferior knock off product you can bet they would be dropped and banned for eternity. It’s just not worth it for a seller to violate Amazons terms. I’ve never worried about buying anything off of Amazon. If it’s not right they take it back, simple so anyone who states that they were ripped off I suspect they work for the competition as you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know you can return anything on Amazon.

Like all SanDisk products I’ve ever owned this is an excellent memory product. While not the fastest micro SD card you can buy it’s under $15.00 for a 32 GB card! It’s a great deal as the really cheap no name cards often sell for as much.

Read and write speeds are well within the normal range and will vary from one user to the next depending on what’s going on in that particular PC/laptop at the time of the test. Don’t forget that its rated transfer speed is up to 48MB/sec, that reads ‘up to’ which means it’s not guaranteed. When I tested read and write speeds (see images) the speed was more than adequate for what I needed. If I needed more speed I would be spending more money and getting a faster card. And really, what will you be doing that will require more speed if you’re looking at this card? If you need lighting write speeds you wouldn’t be here.

This card is working better than I need it to for a dash cam, recording and playing back at 1080p or my action cam which also shoots at 1080p video. I’ve not had one file that was corrupt and I played with it in my laptop moving a lot files around as a test. Some small, some large. It didn’t matter, it was all good.

Some cards will heat up to the point of being hot when you transfer large files. I’ve not noticed any real heating with this card.



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