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SanDisk Cruzer Glide 8 GB USB Flash Drive SDCZ60-008G-B35

Got 8GB’s to transfer, get a pot of coffee on as this is gonna take a while


The documentation here states that this (8GB version SDCZ60-008G-B35) is a USB 2 device but there is no way this gets close to USB 2 write speeds. I’ve tried numerous times but the best I could get was just over 4MB/second (real world), far slower than the USB 2 standard. I know it’s not just my machine as I went from a Windows 10 machine to Server 2012 R2 to Macbook Air and all gave me the same results. None of the machines was loaded or even working on anything else at the time.

I’ve been a SanDisk fan for a long time, the laptop I’m writing this on has two 950 NVMe SSD’s and I have half a dozen other SanDisk thumb drives not mention micro SD cards. All of these items are operating at rated speeds, just this one simple little drive has terrible write speeds. It’s useable for me as I only got it to use as a Windows 10 install drive, read speeds are ok but still not screaming, however if you’re planning on doing a lot of file transfers give it a pass and save yourself a lot of time, unless you like getting in a couple-O-cups of coffee while waiting.

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