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Pro Beauty 1″ Professional Extra Long Curling Wand

Pro Beauty 1″ Professional Extra Long Curling Wand
Price: CDN$ 49.99


For the money this is an excellent wand

The one thing that really stands out when this first came out of the box was the overall drum length. For really long hair, when you want to get in some gentle curls this thing rocks. Also since the drum has a fairly large diameter it makes getting long flowing gentle curls easy. If you prefer your curls tighter then this can also be accommodated simply by wrapping the hair more like string on a spool rather than along the length of the drum.

Of note, if you prefer a clamp that holds the hairs in place for a period of time instead of holding onto the hair, there is a glove included here (only concern with the glove is losing it) then this may not be for you. It took a while to get used to this, my wife has always used an iron with a clamp. However, after using it for some time she now prefers this wand as she’s found that it provides more control over how tight the curls are, even how tight or lose they are at different locations away from the scalp. This allows for some interesting style options. The non-heated tip makes it easy to slide the whole wand through the hair that’s been wrapped on it.

Heat wise it gets up to temp fast and holds it well. Unfortunately the control doesn’t provide enough info on what the actual target temp is, there is no LCD or LED display. It took a few times playing with it before she found the right spot for her hair. This thing can get hot, 430F, which for her thin dry hair would be too hot. Fortunately the temperature control is relatively tight so it doesn’t get changed when bumped.

The long 8-foot cord makes using the wand easier, her other irons have much shorter cords which limit where she needs to stand in front of our mirror to see what she’s doing. Gone are the days wound up cords that need to be unraveled. Because the cord swivels at the wand handle this also makes life easy. The angle at which the cable comes off the wand handle makes it easy for a person to work on their own hair. The switch leaves no doubt about whether the power is on or off.

Overall performance is great. The extra 2 inches make a big difference when working with very long hair. This is a well-designed curling wand that’s getting a lot of use.

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