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Perky-Pet 385-2 2-in-1 Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 385-2 2-in-1 Wild Bird Feeder
Price: CDN$ 19.20


Nice look and finish but design needs to be improved

I like what they are trying to do with this feeder but there is one major design flaw.

Being able to use two different types of feed is a good thing, being able to limit how much of the finer seeds the birds can get at is one of those. The extra wide tray at the bottom to catch seeds the birds spit out is the other.

When filling I find that the whole feeder needs to be tucked inside a bucket or bag so that seeds which come flying out of the ports don’t end up on our floor or wasted on the ground. While this is a nuisance it’s not limited to this feeder, rather it’s a problem with the feeding port deign that all similar feeders experience. When spun upside down so that the shield comes into play it does keep seeds from spilling out to the same degree when filling but there is still some that gets spilled, hence the bucket or bag to keep from wasting expensive seed.

While I’m not thrilled with the way the tube and bottom section snap together it works. I do fear though that the weight of a squirrel added to the weight of seed in the tube could be enough to dislodge the bottom and drop everything on the ground. Time will tell.

♦ The one problem this design suffers from is the wire hanging frame. Where it connects to the bar which extends out each side at the top, the wire is bent at about the same angle as a hockey stick. The first time I filled the feeder and hung it up the wire on each side pulled through the holes in the bar and everything except the hanger wire ended up on the ground, drop distance was about 8 feet. Other than losing about half of the feed nothing was damaged. I did need to reassemble the pieces and then with a plier bend the hockey stick ends up more (see image) so that the bar now rests on the wire and it can no longer be pulled through. Instead of using a plastic bar, using an aluminium bar that has a copper anodized finish would work better and still look good. The problem was that the plastic was soft enough for the hockey stick end to bend and then pull through the holes. For the top cap, the way it’s made so that the top cap can be slid off the tube and not fall off on its own is also a common element in feeders of this design and works well.

The four feeding port design is ok but I’m pretty sure they could get two more on the tube. At our place there are birds in a holding pattern waiting to get access and some disagreements do break out. Adding more ports would alleviate some frustration.

The copper finish is a nice touch. The birds couldn’t care less if it was pink but I do and appreciate that the feeder has a nice look to it rather than something gaudy.

Overall it’s a nice design and looks great for a bird feeder but the manufacturer needs to pay more attention to the way it’s made to hang. I can see people who aren’t mechanically inclined becoming very upset after purchasing it and it literally falls apart.

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