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Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Feeder

Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Feeder, 3-2/5 lbs. Capacity
Price: CDN$ 29.98


Nice look, good design concept, execution could be better

I really like the idea of squirrel proof bird feeders and the concept here is good but the feeder has problems in how it functions. Good idea, bad execution.

The idea is that the outer cage is pulled down with the weight of a squirrel once it jumps on. As the cage slides, down it covers up the feeding ports. There is a problem with this in that not all tree rats are heavy enough to pull the cage down. The amount of weight that’s required can be adjusted to a degree, on two sides there are springs which are attached to clasps which can be set to different tensions simply by moving them up or down in the hole (see image below). The squirrels we have here, even full grown adults, just aren’t heavy enough and end up feeding while only slightly inconvenienced. See the image below where I have the feeder on a kitchen scale and am pushing down on the cage to just above where the cage would butt up against the bottom plate. It shows 309 grams, that’s 0.68 of a pound.

The second problem is that on one of them (I have two) the cage is not properly aligned. When/if a heavy enough squirrel were to jump on it and pull the cage down, it snags on the way back up. The top portion of the cage catches on the feeder tube cap which results in the feeding ports being about 80% closed off. I’ve played with the spring and clasp configuration and was able to get it sorted out but I shouldn’t have to do this. It means poor quality control at the factory. There isn’t enough room for birds to get access to seeds when it won’t slide back up. Please see the video.

The design is nice, the tarnished copper finish is also nice and goes with the other Perky Pet feeders I have. The tube can hold a lot of seed and the 6 ports allow for more birds to get at seeds at the same time than some other feeders but there is enough room for two more. At least the cage does allow for other birds to hang on and wait for an open spot.

The top cap is one piece, it’s molded to fit and will keep water out. It also has an internal spring which keeps it in place as squirrels are crafty buggers and could easily pull up a top cap if it wasn’t spring loaded. Filling is like any other, we use a large funnel to minimize spillage and place the whole thing in a 5 gallon bucket to catch seeds which will slip out of the feeding ports during the filling.

Hanging is simple enough, whether on a branch, shepherd hook pole, or home brew set up. The top loop is made from a vinyl coated cable, like a clothesline, which is strong and should out last the feeder. As it’s a broad loop cable it can and does self centre.

I won’t take points for our local squirrels not being heavy enough to close off the ports as there are varieties in other parts of the country that are but I am taking points for the cage not being properly aligned at the factory. I’m also taking points for not adding the two more feeding ports which this design could easily incorporate.

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