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Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder, Small


Nice looking colour and finish but design could be improved

This is an ok small sized bird feeder.

The colour used on the exterior gives it a nice almost rustic appearance and the design is simple and elegant which looks good anywhere.

I won’t bore you with a list of birds that visit our garden but we have a wide variety on a regular basis who stop by for a nibble. For years we’ve used feeders and discovered a few things that we like and don’t like in them. This particular model rates as average primarily for one reason, the bottom feeding tray.

If you look at many of today’s feeders they have a mesh bottom that the seeds flow out onto. There’s a reason for this and it’s actually an evolution in the design. Bottom trays like this one collect and trap water when it rains which then soaks the seeds, as they dry it becomes a mess of caked together seeds which then start to rot if not removed. The wire mesh doesn’t eliminate this completely but because the water can drip through the bottom plate it greatly reduces the problem. The mesh also serves as a way for breezes to blow through and dry wet seeds in addition to blowing away the hulls from seeds being broken open in the feeder. This makes it easier for the birds to dig through the offering and results in less seeds pushed out of the feeder and all over out stairs or garden.

Filling is easy as the top has a push button release that allows the cover to slide up the hanging cable and be moved completely to the side. Once filled the process is reversed and we spill very little seeds of any because the chamber is wide open. The clear plastic tube makes for quick observation of seed level.

The design of the perch is an old and well used variety. It allows for birds of various sizes to feed. Some people may not like this and only want to feed small and or song birds but if you hang it out where birds can get at it then really its fair game to all species. Yes squirrels can get at the seeds as well if they can jump over to the feeder. This is simply a matter of placement. We use shepherds hook type hanger poles that bring the feeders about 5 feet off the ground and in these feeders the squirrels have never made a mess since they cant climb the pole and it’s too high of a jump for them.

Amazon has a few shepherds hook poles but at the moment nothing more than 48 inches high HERE

In all it’s a decent feeder but could be made better with a screened bottom plate.

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