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PC printing is ok, copy and scan are slooooooowww

Epson XP-440 Expression Home Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier (Office Product)


The 440 is a cute little printer with what looks like some nice features. There’s a lot to like at first but after using it for a few weeks I’ve discovered a few things that would keep me from putting it on a shopping list. In fact, I couldn’t recommend it.

The display is a nice touch as it has the ability to pop out at a 45-degree angle to make viewing it easier. The touch pad buttons all have tactile feedback, you can hear and feel that they have been pressed, and are large enough that hitting two buttons at the same time is unlikely. Navigation through the menu items is easy enough and I dint need to read the manual to figure out the basic as well as more advanced items.

There are two options for using the printer, either as a wireless device on your network or through direct USB connectivity. I’m happy to state that getting the wireless connection set up was easier than with the previous printers I’ve gone through. In all it took about 10 minutes. If needed you can enter in the Wi-Fi connection details but entering in something like the paraphrase/password is painful in that you can only use the direction buttons to navigate the letters and number with caps and symbols options which means a lot of clicking back and forth. It’s time consuming but still a better option than not being able to directly enter the details. Once connected to a network and the included software (it came with a disk!) was installed, getting both laptop and PC connected was peanuts. Connecting the app was even easier as it automatically discovered the printer and connected to it.

► You don’t need to be a techy person to get this printer connected, simply follow the manual step by step and it works.

While not the smallest printer it’s still smaller than my previous devices when looking at how tall it sits. Foot print wise there isn’t a lot of space saving. Width wise, again it’s not really any different than my Samsung laser printer. I don’t have a lot of room in my office and always end up sticking printers on an available spot in the rack.

I’m sure many people will miss the paper tray but for me it doesn’t really make any difference that the paper is fed from the rear mounted vertical slot. When not in use this feed tray can be closed up. On the down side, when printing the front paper catch extension needs to be pulled out if you want to keep print jobs from hitting the floor.

One of the draw backs of such a small device is the ink cartridge size, let’s just call these petite. The size of cartridges is directly related to the number of pages you can get out of them. If I needed a printer for my business I would give this a pass. For home users with only occasion printing needs this should be ok. Fortunately, the front mounted display (as well as the phone app) show ink levels in each cartridge.

► The app is intuitive and truly easy to use. I had no problem printing documents or images from my phone as long as I’m in my Wi-Fi coverage.

► For printing from a memory card there’s a front mounted SD slot. For micro SD cards, you’ll need that adapter that came with it. Not sure why a USB port was omitted but I’m sure there’s some reason.

► Printing from an SD card was simple enough, the printer read the card and discovered images I had loaded on it. Using the display and navigation buttons I was able to select what I wanted printed. The time it took to Print those images was painful. Something strange, there’s no way to print at the same size as you would see on your monitor. Simple 4×6 inch images were always blown up to the full A4/letter size paper and then it still cropped much of the image. I could find no way to have it not enlarge the image.

Making copies of anything was also painful insofar as the speed it runs at and the reproduction quality was poor, even at the highest quality setting. Even copying simple text pages proves to be painful. The setup won’t allow for plain paper which means it takes a lot more passes trying to reproduce a high res image. This means more ink than necessary is used when it finally starts printing. It takes an average of no less than 3 minutes to make a copy. This should be a simple process, insert document to be copied, hit copy button, and no more than 30 seconds later you should have your copy, not with this machine.

I thought maybe I messed things up so I did a complete reset to factory pre-sets. No difference.

End result is that it prints both documents and images great from a PC, images not so great from a phone, but setting it up for wireless operation was very simple. The other features are a fail.


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