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ORIBE Hair Care Signature Moisture Masque

ORIBE Hair Care Signature Moisture Masque, 5.9 fl. oz.
Price: CDN$ 74.00


No real benefits on two different hair types

I didn’t have any luck with this deep conditioning masque.

First off, after opening the container and seeing the nice white paste I was hit with the “over the top” and over powering typical Oribe scent. The scent is strong with this one. It’s some kind of potent and doesn’t rinse out anywhere near enough for me. The scent sticks around right till bed time and it’s still there the next morning. My pillow case now carries the scent even after two washes! Horrible, just horrible.

As for how well it works, on my old grey stuff that’s fairly thick I didn’t notice any improvement. I’ve had other deep conditioners that did a fair job of making the grey stuff more manageable so I have something to compare with. Here there was no change either way, my hair still feels like it does prior to applying this stuff. It is fairly easy to work in but to have that much of a stink on my head for 10 minutes is just too much. I followed the suggested treatment half a dozen times and that’s all I can handle. On the upside, even though it ends up on my scalp I never experienced any dryness.

My wife who has fine hair that does need help grabbed it and followed the directions, using it twice over a two week period, she didn’t have any better luck. Some people have mentioned that it left their hair flat but in her case it’s as if nothing had been done to it. She’s had far better results from products which are less than a quarter of the price, and I will add – they smell a lot better as well.

There may be people who have real success in treating their hair with this stuff but it didn’t work here on two very different hair types.

There are a number of “natural” items listed in the ingredients but there it is, Parfum. It’s listed high up and this explains the over powering chemical stink the stuff gives off. If you don’t want to have your hair products clash with cologne or perfume avoid Oribe, they seem to have the idea their stuff smells better.

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