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Nitin Wireless Earbuds,Bluetooth Earbuds, Bluetooth 4.2 Headphones with Charging Case

Nitin Wireless Earbuds,Bluetooth Earbuds, Bluetooth 4.2 Headphones with Charging Case
Price: CDN$ 74.99



One word description of how these little guys sound? Wow!

First things:
The touch button aspect of these ear buds vs. buttons that get depressed means that I don’t have loud clicking noises in my ear nor do they need to be pushed into my ears when buttons are used which makes other ear buds uncomfortable.
► Small doesn’t mean sacrificing any audio quality.
► Excellent sound isolation which I don’t get in other true wireless headsets.
► Charging cradle, on its own, can provide about three charge cycles without a USB connection.
► 3 hour approximate run time on the ear buds depending on the volume used. This is very much on par with the other totally wireless headsets I have.
► Time to full charge is about an hour.

I have other completely wireless headsets and they’re pretty good but not at the level of this set. Right off the top the reason I wear headsets is for listening to music with a secondary use for phone calls. The audio quality here is on par with some very expensive top end products with big brand names. It seems that the technology gap between the competition is getting smaller and companies are able to bring down prices, unless you want to pay for a big brand name item. For me it’s all about quality of the hardware and what it sounds like not whose name is on the thing. It doesn’t matter what I listen to it all sounds excellent. Everything is clear and crisp, subtle background instruments come through, not dull or cloudy audio. There is minor distortion I can detect at only the highest volume level and don’t assume that small means a lack of volume. These things can pound out the metal if that’s your thing. Listening to classical, pop, rock, and … country, it all comes through clean and crisp. I seriously have nothing to complain about here.

My last sentence above is because I knew going in that these things had a shorter battery life than other products. If I didn’t know about the 3 hours +/- play time I would be upset but I decided that this was acceptable since I seldom get a chance to just chill with tunes for more than an hour at a time anyway. I know that the next generation will have better battery life, that’s technology.

As a Bluetooth 4.2 device I can pair with more than one device meaning I can use them on both my S8 and PRIV. Pairing was about as simple as it gets. Like other Bluetooth headsets, press and hold the left hand soft button for about 5 seconds which then puts it into pairing mode. Both phones immediately detected them and connected. Look for “W6” in the available Bluetooth devices list. When reconnecting to either phone it takes less than 2 seconds after powering them up.

Unlike almost all other ear bud headsets these are touch devices. I really appreciate this. Any time there’s a button that needs to be clicked, depressed, or held it creates a loud clicking noise in my ear and or pushes into the ear which is uncomfortable. Here all I need to do is touch, just like the phone screen. The only feature that isn’t available on the ear buds is volume control, other items such pause/play and skip ahead back for music or when used for phone calls answer/hang up/reject call are all included.

Because of the way these fit in the ear they offer a lot of isolation from external noise. This is great when listening to music or there’s a need to drown out traffic noises but when being used for phone calls I found myself talking louder than I normally would. It took me about a day to “learn” to talk softer than I felt I needed to. Phone audio however, both directions, is excellent and I have no complaints here at all. When using the right sized gels (three sizes included) they amazingly stay put. I’ve not had one fall out on its own but at the same time they aren’t uncomfortable.

The charging cradle/case is super simple to use. All I need to do is place the ear buds into their respective position, depress the little button located at the read (next to the charging port) and that’s it. Indicator LED’s on the ear buds will show red when charging. There are little contacts that then allow the batteries to be charged from the case. To power up or charge the case any standard USB micro cable can be used (there is one included) that’s plugged into a [powered USB port.

These perform far better than I was expecting and other than the shorter battery life there is nothing I can complain or even nit pick about.

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