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niceEshop(TM) USB 2.0 Voltmeter Ammeter Power Capacity Tester Meter Voltage Current Mobile USB Power Detector

niceEshop(TM) USB 2.0 Voltmeter Ammeter Power Capacity Tester Meter Voltage Current Mobile USB Power Detector
Offered by niceEshop Price: CDN$ 11.59

A must have item if you want to know what’s happening with your phone batteries


This is the second one of these I’ve purchased. They come in so handy that I have one in my laptop bag and one on the bench.

This is one of those devices that is priceless when you want or need to determine if your USB chargers and cables are working properly.

While the monitors read out is rather small it’s still bright enough to read even in a well-lit room. What it shows you provides all of the details you need to keep an eye on your batteries and chargers. By showing charger Voltage, Current, Charging Wattage, and Calculated Battery Capacity you can:
~Determine if your charger is putting out enough current, see if it matches what its rated at
~See if the voltage drops when the charger is putting out high current (Amps) which is a bad thing
~View the power being consumed, Watts while charging or just running a device off of the charger
~Battery capacity, you’ll need to start with a dead battery in order for this to be relatively accurate

This last item is a must if you need to determine if your battery is taking a full charge. As an example, if a battery is rated at 3000Mah and the monitor shows its only taken 2100Mah worth of current but shows full, then the battery is no longer able to be fully charged and probably why your battery hungry phone won’t last all day on a single charge.

There is one more element in battery charging that’s very important, battery temperature. Unfortunately, this device has no possible way of monitoring internal battery temperatures and you’ll need to rely on the charge circuitry built into the phone itself to ensure there are no overheating issues.

While monitoring the four functions above it still passes data and I found that it did not slow down the transfer speeds including USB 2.

There will be times when you plug it in and the display will read upside down, a button located on the bottom when depressed momentarily will reboot the device and flip the display around.

Using this is as easy as plugging a USB cord into a charger and then the device. Simply plug the display into the USB port first and then plug the cable into the other end of the display. Now connect your phone or other device and that’s it.

I’ve tested it on several chargers and devices and found it to be accurate when compared to bench meters.

If I were able to make a suggestion to the manufacturer it would be to increase the size of the display.









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