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[New Version] VicTsing® Professional LED Optical 2000 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse

[New Version] VicTsing® Professional LED Optical 2000 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse for gamer Adjustable DPI Switch Function 2400DPI/1600DPI/1200 DPI /800 DPI For Notebook PC Laptop Computer

I had great expectations when ordering this mouse but…


The supplier made contact with me very quickly after seeing my review, I appreciate that. They very quickly sent me a second mouse thinking I may have received a defective first device. It pains me to have to say it, the second mouse is the same as the first. The left and right click buttons are crud. There is virtually no travel, no click sound or feeling when using the buttons. Very irritating to use especially in game when you want tactile feedback that a button has been pressed.

Side note. I had purchased another item from the same supplier which had issues. Again they were very responsive and quickly substituted the defective device with a model that I can easily give five stars. So excellent supplier, just this particular product could use some upgrading.

I had great expectations when ordering this mouse considering some of the rave reviews others gave it. Well, I’m disappointed.

Right up front let me say that I have big hands, not huge but bigger than average.

The big issue here are the two things you use the most on a mouse, the left and right buttons. They are MUSH! The micro switches used here are far too stiff, that or the way the switch covers are connected are poorly designed, either way the buttons are VERY stiff. Travel distance is minimal, so minimal in act that it’s hard to tell if you have actuated the buttons. All of this if you press at the furthest point away from your wrist. If you click higher up (people with small hands take note) you need to exert far too much effort to actuate the button. The layout of the buttons is such that unless you re Paul Bunion your hands will most likely end up holding the mouse in such a way that it’s uncomfortable to click on the end of the buttons. This long build also means the side buttons are not that convenient to use as the button that is typically used for going “back” in a browser for instance, is located where most manufacturers put the forward button. It’s a reach and makes you adjust your hold if you want to use the forward button.

On the pro side of things there are a few things to note. The weight with AA battery inserted is nice. The scroll wheel has a good feeling indent, not to stiff and not freewheeling. The material used to cover the mouse where you grip it offers some friction which means that the thing doesn’t slip out of your hand when rapidly moving it.

The DPI setting work great and allow for easily switching to accommodate working with a Word document of fragging in a shooter.

It has a power switch! Nice since many manufacturers of new mice have taken to removing the power switch and simply use a timing circuit to power down the device after a pre-set period of time which can often be annoying and if you carry your mouse in a computer bag like I do then with any motion which will cause the mouse to move even slightly it will power up and waste the battery.

The Power switch is also set up so that you can power up the LED lighting is you want some colour on your mouse. I’ve not tried to see how long the battery will last with the lights on.

The USB dongle, when not inserted in your PC or laptop, fits nicely inside a pocket located at the bottom of the mouse. It fits snug but also sticks out just enough that you can easily retrieve it with two fingers. I was able to use the mouse with another receiver already inserted in my laptop that came with a different manufacturer s device. It’s nice that manufacturers are moving towards some sort of a standard rather than making you use a different dongle for every device you have laying around.

Because of the fact that the two buttons you will use the most on any mouse feel like crud I am only giving it three stars. If the manufacturer were to apply a simple fix here this wold easily be a 5 star device with a terrific price point.

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