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NESTLÉ SMARTIES Advent Calendar, 227g (24 pieces)
Price: CDN$ 11.99


Very cool tower box and a good selection of Smartie treats

Smarties seem to have shrunk since I last munched on them.

There are a number of different Smartie related treats in the Advent Calendar that pop out as you open up the different windows for each day leading up to Christmas.

While there are a few tiny boxes with Smarties that came straight from the “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” movie set there are also some Santa Claus shaped treats, even white (GASP) chocolate Santa Claus. In addition, there are small ball shaped treats that become two pieces when unwrapped. Each of these items contain at least two or three teeny tiny Smarties as part of the treat.

The whole thing is an interesting idea. The tower shaped box itself is wildly decorated will all manner of Smartie figures doing all sorts, from making a pizza to throwing snow balls at other Smarties. Just looking over the box with the kids was a lot of fun, more so for me watching them discover the various things each Smartie is doing and the laughs they had.

Because of the half hour of entertainment and treats we (the young and old) kids had the price is decent.

Nice to see that the ingredients aren’t all chemicals, instead of artificial colouring they’re at least extracting colour from vegetable (shhh don’t tell the kids they’re eating veggies). On the negative side, these things are really sweet and sugar rushes were detected about an hour before bed time.

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