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Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, Aluminum
Price: CDN$ 249.99


Very nice machine but I could go get a coffee before I get a cup out of this guy

I must have gotten a dud. It’s a great looking little machine and it works but wow is it s…l…o…w. I’m not exaggerating when saying I can go get a coffee while waiting for this little to make a cup. The flow of water is so slow that with the naked eye droplets can be seen vs. an actual flow of water. I decided to time it and found it takes anywhere from three to five minutes, depending on how much coffee I want. An Espresso shot takes at least three minutes and I often have to press the button twice to get the glass filled. In addition to being very slow I found that the dispensed volume of water per button press, Espresso or Lungo, varies greatly, anywhere from less than an ounce to three ounces. I’ve used brand name Nesspresso as well as aftermarket pods with the same results. As I have other Nesspresso machines which I can compare it to, this isn’t a lack of understanding about how the machine should work. Fortunately the Nesspresso pods still provide a very nice shot of coffee.

The machine I received did not have a milk frother.

■ As for how well the machine is built and the overall looks, its top notch. The whole design, fit, and finish is excellent and on par with other Nespresso machines we already have. It really is a good looking little machine that easily fits into tight spots on overcrowded counters.

Operation here is very simple.
First off – yes, the water reservoir pops off the backside for easy filling from a tap, someone mentioned that it didn’t, it just takes a little tug to free it.
┌ Slip it back into its holder
├ Hit the power button
├ While the water is warming up lift the curved lever which wraps around the front
├ The spout then extends out allowing the pod to be inserted
├ Place your cup under the spout
├ Push the level back down
└ Select either Espresso or Lungo by pressing the corresponding button
► The rest is coffee magic as the pods do provide a very nice cup of coffee.

■ The little shelf located on the front can be used to hold an Espresso cup or folded up to make room for a Lungo sized cup. Here again the engineering details come out. The little shelf is made so that any dripping is captured and funnelled into the pod disposable container located under the spout. Clean up is also easy. The broad metal side panels are wiped quickly. The top portion does show off finger prints on its shiny plastic surface but it too is easily wiped down. The pod disposal tray can be completely removed and rinsed or washed in a sink.

■ This really is an easy machine to use and clean even without looking at the manual the general operating items are easily sussed out. The Pixie has by far the smallest foot print of all the DeLonghi Nesspresso machines.

So while I really like the machine, it pains me that I have to give it only three stars. This is solely based on how long it takes to get a shot of coffee squeezed out of this thing.

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