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Nespresso Expert with Aeroccino by De’Longhi, Anthracite Grey

Nespresso Expert with Aeroccino by De’Longhi, Anthracite Grey
Price: CDN$ 449.00

Great shot of coffee every time

Like every other Nespresso machine I have, this one doesn’t disappoint. It makes a consistently great shot of coffee. There are a couple of things that I would like changed but that’s only because I’ve gotten used to the way other models operate.

It’s probably the most stylish machine Nespresso has come out with, every part of it just looks great. Unlike other models this one operates off of a side rather than end of the machine. It stretches out nicely along our counter top wall. The water reservoir is easy to remove for cleaning or filling and holds a fair amount of water. Like other models its settings allow for different shot sizes. Feature wise its loaded especially with the addition of the Nesspresso app which gives the option to start making coffee a few minutes before walking through the door. The app also allows for some customisation that goes beyond what the other models are capable of.

Pairing the machine and setting it up in the app was painless. I did have to create and account with Nespresso in order to use some of the advanced features but again, this was painless and took only a few minutes. I appreciate that the company has added features and given us Bluetooth and cloud connectivity but in reality I don’t use the app, for me Nespresso is about the coffee, not the bling and in that regard the machine rocks.

While Nespresso pods make an excellent cup of coffee I do find them a little on the pricey side so we often pick up after market pods. Like the other Nespresso machines the Expert has no problem with these pods.

One very notable item with the Expert, it provides coffee faster than the others. While I didn’t do any timing I would say it’s about 40% faster while not being any louder than other machines. The three water temperature choices are also nice and the highest level is very hot. Even though it runs the water through faster it’s still VERY hot. Also in addition to the regular cup sizes this model now has the Americano option which is noticeably a larger volume. This machine also allows for straight hot water to be dispensed, something the others can’t do. I find this very useful for making a cup of tea. While the amount of water dispensed for each shot of coffee is set the machine allows for over riding the volume on the Americano setting and the hot water. This is one item I found to be better on other machines. Allow me to explain:

With other machines pressing and holding the button will make the machine continue to dispense water till the button is released and the water is pushed through the pod. With setting this feature up on this machine works differently. Rather than continue pushing water through the pod it starts putting water through the spout used for just hot water, this dilutes the coffee.

The Aeroccino milk frother is nice, it works like other models but in this case it’s not attached to the Nespresso machine. Unlike some frother this one cleans up quick and easy.

The small cup used to collect spent pods could be made better. It’s a two-piece item. The problem her is the way it’s made. It allows for water which has drained from spent pods can splash out of the cup as it’s removed which then runs off mostly (but not completely) into the front catchment where cups are placed.

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