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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap – Honeysuckle

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap – Honeysuckle, 370ml
Price: CDN$ 6.49


Good clean but a stink that can knock a buzzard out of a tree at 200 meters

I really appreciate the move towards less chemicals that many products like Mrs. Meyers offer. I’ve tried a couple of their other scents, for instance I really like the Lemon Verbena and Olive Oil & Aloe Vera. However, I have a real problem with this particular scent. Here it’s anything but honey suckle as I know it from other products that we’ve used over many years. In fact its more like a slightly sweetened version of the standard Febreeze stink but on steroids. Seriously, even the little un’s asked me if they can use something else “cause this stuff stinks!” And if these kids think something stinks, well it wreaks. With this product the companies move away from chemicals is debatable, it’s a scent that’s more like what I expect to find in a chemical factory. I’m tempted to use this for personal defence, an alternative to pepper spray.

Sure, it cleans well like the other scents and the pump gives a good amount each time, it’s a good hand cleaner but PEEHHEEEEEWW does it stink. Even after 20 minutes the stink still clings to my hands. I’ll keep this in the garage for times when I need to clean the truck engine.

To the nice Mrs. Meyers people, maybe the next time you want to try a new scent put it past a product testing group?


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