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Mpow Health Tracker Activity Fitness Wristband

Mpow Health Tracker Activity Fitness Wristband for iPhone7/7Plus/6/6s/6 Plus, Android and iOS Smart Phones
Offered by Patec
Price: CDN$ 35.99


Terrific bracelet but the app is from the prehistoric period in terms of electronic fitness trackers

♦♦♦ 8 Month follow  up. The device cratered about 2 months ago. The screen locked up an no matter what I did it wouldn’t go back into operation, As such, the review goes from 4 stars to 1.

I’ve had the opportunity to try a number of lower cost fitness trackers over the last year and a half, this ranks as one of the better one’s hardware wise, app wise is where it falls down.

First off, I don’t know if the various hardware makers have to use the Zeroner app or if they just chose to but it’s the one that many unfortunately use. I do know that the app has always been a problem and still is. The bracelet here is very good at doing what it’s supposed to unlike many of the lower end devices that are so far off that they can’t be relied upon. The Mpow bracelet has proven to be far more accurate when counting steps, something that a few of the other functions like calories burned rely on to provide information. The way the bracelet has been built is great, it’s easy to charge simply by removing it from the strap. Others have goofy charging clasps that if lost make the whole device useless. The thinking with these other charging methods is that it makes the device more water proof, I say horse pucks to that, it has never proven to be true, they all flood far too easily if I forget to take them off before washing my hands.

The display here is nice, by staking the four digits for showing time allows them to be much larger than some other bands. For showing other functions the display again provides large enough digits to make reading it easy even without my reading glasses.

If you’ve had a look around for one of these you’ll find they all have the very similar features with the exception of the heart rate monitor which you end up paying more for. The other item that separates them is the app that get used. The bracelet is maybe 40% of why I use one of these things. Yes it provides the immediate information I look for but the app is what makes it useable, or not as in this case, for providing a record of your activities and general performance. The Zeroner app lacks any kind of record other than the current days’ worth of information. Even some of the lower cost bracelets use apps that will give you information that goes back months so you can see how you’ve progressed. The Zeroner app gives you the current day, woohoo!

The band used is very comfortable to wear and because the whole device is so light weight it’s easy to forget I have it on.
► There is a lot of room for adjustment, from fitting a kid’s wrist to my large sized wrists
► The display is easy to read in all but bright sunlight
► Battery life is by far the best I’ve experienced in a band like this, well over a week
► To charge, pull the device out of the band and plug into a standard USB port
► Push info on calls and texts to the bracelet trough the app
► The seller does a good job of listing all the features so I won’t waste your time rereading that information here

Some of the features require that the app be running at all times which can be a drain you your battery but without it running there is no way to push information like incoming caller info to the band.

So while it pains me to have to do this, I can only give 3 stars but please understand that this is because of the app. If I could get the bracelet to work with an app that provides real historic data this would be an easy 5 stars.

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