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MPOW Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Sticks with Built-in Remote Shutter

MPOW Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Sticks with Built-in Remote Shutter, 270 Degree Adjustable Head, Fill Light
Offered by Patec Price: CDN$ 28.99

The is not your average selfie stick kids, this is in the Cadillac or Lincoln Continental class


All hail the new selfie stick King!

There are selfie sticks by the dozen and some are pretty good but if you want one that’s built to last and comes fully loaded, this is the stick.

I admit, I have a couple of selfie ring lights kicking around the house simply because they provide better light than a phones flash. The problem with these lights is that you need to take them with you which means more bulk in some bag or pocket. I had already wondered if it would be possible to combine the two, have a stick with a decent light that would then be easy to take with you as a combo unit.

The wish list just got binned. MPOW, a company that I am happy to say has always had equipment that I’m happy I bought (zero buyer’s remorse) has given us this stick. When I saw this, it was a light bulb moment, this had everything I had wanted plus a couple of things I haven’t even thought of, like the convex mirror that allows people to see what the shot will look like if they want to use the forward-facing camera on the phone to get a better quality image.

I just jumped head, let me back up.

When I got the stick in my hands I was immediately impressed, this was more than I was expecting.

Inside the box you’ll find the selfie stick
~A nice bag that feels like it has a rubberized exterior finish
~1 short standard USB A to micro USB cable for charging
~A nice lanyard
~Easy to read instruction manual

Like all selfie sticks you see advertised this one has the articulating head that folds back to minimize the overall length when not extended. It also has flip out clasps on the jaw that again reduce the space it takes up. When needed these flip out to better hold a phone. The holder is actually quite robust. Unlike many sticks this one has two sturdy metal bars that connect both pieces of the holder. When extended to hold a phone, there is very little action, the phone is held very tight. For me this is a good thing as I don’t want a near $1K phone hitting the concrete because of a cheap stick. The holder articulates 270 degrees which is far more than is needed in most cases. There is a study thumb screw that’s used to tighten and secure the holder in whatever position it ends up in.

There’s one more thing that you’ll find on this selfie stick holder, that light that I thought would be nice to have permanently attached to the stick. Thing is, it’s far better than what I had in mind. First off the light is controlled by a dedicated switch on the handle. The only down side to the light is that you do have to plug in the coiled micro USB cable to control it. The light itself has two features. First of all, it can be rotated so it shines to the front, back, or any point in between, such as when used to bounce light off of a ceiling like professional photogs do to provide a softer ambient light for images. Secondly after you position it and have it connected the handle switch allows for three power settings and two flashing options.
~Depress once for low power
~Depress a second time for medium power
~Depress a third time for high power
~Depress once more to power off or…
~Press and hold for 4 seconds and the light rapid flashes
~Press once more and it flashes SOS
~Then press it once more to turn it off.

Retracted the stick is just under 19cm (7 1/2) inches. When pulled out the telescoping portion extends 61cm (23 in). The telescoping portion is beefier than that of any selfie stick I’ve seen so far. The way it’s built you could probably suspend a small toddler from it (but I don’t recommend this). The point is it’s a very well built device.

Pairing the Bluetooth shutter release was extremely painless and quickly done. Pairing is much like any other Bluetooth item these days, long press the power button (about 4 seconds) till the little blue LED flashes. Then for me the stick showed up as “ADYSS-A6” and Android showed it as a keyboard. There is no password to enter. After powering down and later powering up again it immediately reconnected. I like when things are painless.

To power up the stick press and hold the power button for two seconds. To power off press and hold the power button for four seconds, the blue LED will quickly flash and go off.

When charging the little LED above the light button flashes red and then goes out when done.

As you may have gathered, I’m happy to have this selfie stick. It has everything I wanted and more than I was hoping for.

~Large capacity battery, 1500mAh
~Tremendous amount of standby time with the battery or up to 72 hours of powering the light
~Enough battery power to get thousands of duck-lip selfies
~Built in selfie light with 5 modes including SOS
~Selfie light can be rotated for front, back, or reflective lighting
~270-degree Rotatable phone holder
~Holder expands to 3 1/2 inches (9cm) which is wide enough to hold a BB PRIV with it’s case on
~Standard micro USB charging slot
~Telescoping portion extends 23 inches (61cm)
~The handle is easy to hold for both small and large handed people
~A nice seemingly weather resistant satchel with a draw string closure is included

There is only one item I wash it had, the ability to securely hold an action-cam. Any GoPro type of camera outside of the case is too small to get the holder clamped onto. In a protective cast the jaws can’t get a positive grip that’s secure even though the case is large enough for the clamps grip the edge of the case. The holder has no standard tripod type threaded connection that can be used. That said, this wasn’t intended for action-cam people, its aimed at smart phone users so for me to take any points off because of this would be unfair.




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