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Mpow Earphones Headset for Music Running Travel with In-line Mic, Volume Control

In-ear Headphones, Mpow Earphones Headset for Music Running Travel with In-line Mic, Volume Control
Offered by Patec Price: CDN$ 16.99

Bring every note and tone you love to listen to with you for under $20


I own literally dozens of headsets (some people collect watches or purses, with me it’s headsets), both wired and Bluetooth. Among this collection are number of MPOW products and I’ve yet to get my hands on one of their headsets that I don’t like.

First off, in the box you’ll find two extra pairs of ear bud gels of different sizes, a cable management clip, and the headset.

The first thing that impressed me when I pulled them out of the box was the cable, or more precisely the control box on the cable. First of all, instead of being situated somewhere on the right and ear bud cable like virtually every other wired headset they put the splitter and control box into one easy to find and use spot. This means that the weight, as little as there is, now draws on both ear bud cables instead on one.

Then upon looking at the control box I discovered that instead of a couple small buttons for controlling volume they put a slider. I like this as now I can very quickly, immediately, change the volume instead of pushing a button and waiting for the control to talk to the phone and then the phone adjusting the volume. I like this, it’s something that we’ve had on gaming headset for years but when it came to phone headsets manufacturers seemed to like using the higher tech button interface.

Looking at the ear buds, nice is the first thought I had. They are small, lightweight and smooth. Many manufacturers seem to standardize on metal ear buds, I don’t know why as I have yet to see one of these last longer than a good set that uses plastic ear buds. There are no rough edges or anything that might hurt your ears. Once I got the right sized gels on them they fit nicely. The gels fight nice and snug which keeps in the air pressure when the drivers produce bass frequencies. If the gels don’t fit well you’ll never experience good bass, it’s that simple. It’s also why you get a choice of three standard size gels, not just for comfort.

The cable is fairly stiff which means its less likely to tangle, this is a real bonus as far as I’m concerned. The four pin (ring) jack fits my phones nicely. It also has the cable coming off at a slight angle which helps relieve stress. This added to the strain relief means you shouldn’t have any issues with the cable braking off at the connector. Where the cable joins both the control box and ear buds, everything is nicely molded and finished. There is also a cable management clip that’s included.

Because I was impressed with how the whole thing was designed I was hoping the audio reproduction wouldn’t let me down. It has not! Priced at well under $20.00 this headset will satisfy. I did have to change up a few equalizer settings which is normal when switching from one headset to another. Once that was done I had a smile on my face. I like it but let’s see ow it fares with different genres of music so out comes the playlist I always use to test new headsets. I look for the ability to still reproduce the subtle things like guitar strings being run while the bas is pounding at high volume. Obviously, I look for distortion which so any headsets suffer when there is a lot of bass and the volume is cranked. This will destroy everything else when it happens. I’m still happy. Just as critical as the high-volume test is, so is a low volume test. Many lower cost headsets can do a good job of giving you good audio at mid and high volume but they lose definition at low power. Often the drivers just can’t handle the full frequency spread that we humans can hear without a certain level of volume. I’m talking about things like Jimi Hendrix making his guitar talk to us and still make out all of the details that he grinds out. Another genre that suffers allow volume (for those of you who appreciate it) is opera. If the headset can reproduce the ultra-clear and clean tones these ladies delight us with, the world’s best female opera singers then it impresses me. Well, I’m impressed.

The audio was also excellent on both ends of a phone call. Well done MPOW.

High points:
~Volume control is located where the cable splits off to the ear buds
~Control box has one button that works to play/pause music or answer/end a phone call
~The volume control is a slider not a couple of buttons that are hard to use and slow to respond
~The cable comes off the connector at angle taking stress off of it
~Ear buds are light, smooth and feel good in the ears
~Audio quality is very good for such a low-cost headset
~Anti-tangle cable is always nice

What I would like to see:
~Maybe another foot added to the cable so that when you have in in running belt there’s enough to reach your head even when the phone is located on your backside. Right now, it’s good but in the winter with any kind of a jacket there will be challenges running the cable under the jacket and not pulling at either end. Cable length from the jack to control box/splitter is 3 ft. (92 cm). Splitter to ear buds the cable is 11 1/2 in. (29 cm).


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