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Motespeed K92 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Motespeed K92 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit 104 Keys N-key Rollover Detachable Palm Rest with Blue Switches


Extremely well built, engineered, and thought out keyboard for gaming or self defence against zombies

I like mechanical keyboards and have been searching for a replacement to the old standard I’ve had kicking around for years. While I don’t mind using other types every now and then I still like the feel and action of a mechanical.

♦♦♦ I’ve been using this now for 8 months and am still very happy with it. I’ve felt no need to switch out. It still feels and works great, the keys are still solid and feel better than any soft touch keyboard I have used.

This keyboard is solid. It’s also not a light weight item which testifies to its construction and durability. The broad rubber pads under the front keep it nicely positioned on my desk, even when things get a little heated in game. The flip down rear supports help elevate it, so there’s a better angle for typing, are also made solid. The keys when struck provide that mechanical tactile and audible feedback, you know you’ve hit a key – there is no guesswork. Travel on each key is just right and they all bottom out so that you know the key has done its job. They are not mushy!

Some good stuff right up front:
► Extremely solid on the desktop, does not slide around
► Built like a tank
► Keys are definitely mechanical
► Backlighting options to please just about anyone
► Macro programmability options
► Included palm rest is made and fits well
► Keys are double molded so characters won’t wear off with repeated use
► If your one of those people who judge a keyboard on how easily it twists, I can’t twist this thing
► The characters are very readable, large and of a font that is easily made out
► F keys also function for secondary Windows feature options
► Blue switches
► No driver or configuration required on Windows 10, instantly recognised and useable

♦  If you also need a gaming mouse I have been using their G9 for about a month now and this thing rocks. Every key has user definable programmability with multiple profiles –

For aesthetics, this is one good looking device. The striations on the top metal cover are a definite departure from the standard bland looking keyboard that you normally get. It adds a nice and welcome classy look that fits in with my desktop.

If you like to change up the backlighting you’ll appreciate the options here, I do. There are multiple colour options, the standard stuff and then there’s some interesting things to play with like breathing and cycles. What I really like is one of the colour options. You’ve probably seen the standard blue LED backlighting, this keyboard includes that but also has an option for a lighter blue, almost to the white which ends up looking like the colour that comes through the ice in a glacier or ice on a lake, pardon the pun, it really is cool looking.

There are macro options for those who use them, I don’t personally but know many that do. If your inclined to use macros, you’ll be happy with the options.

I’ve now used this keyboard for two weeks and have yet to find a negative, it provides more than I actually need meaning that there will be a lot of people that will appreciate its abilities.

The one thing that would make this a better buy would be a braided cable but this is my nit-picking as braided cables are a personal preference since they seem to last longer than the standard rubber cables.


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