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Mondpalast Wire Tracker Cable Tracer BNC RJ45 RJ11 Tracking System for Network LAN Ethernet Phone Telephone Cable

Mondpalast Wire Tracker Cable Tracer BNC RJ45 RJ11 Tracking System for Network LAN Ethernet Phone Telephone Cable

When thing go nuts with your home or small office network you’ll be thankful you have this to help trouble shoot

Not for serious technicians but a good test set to have at home or in a small office where IT is taken care of in office.

The kit comes with a nice carry case that holds all items. Short patch cables for RJ 45 and RF 11 connections are also included along with an RJ 11 to alligator clips for testing phone lines at the punch block. With this kit, you can test both Ethernet and standard twisted pair phone lines.

This kit takes care of testing for the most commonly found issues an IT person will face on a daily basis when it comes to trouble shooting network cabling. There are many small test kits available for checking the network cables/connectors for connectivity but they lack any way to trace a cable when looking at bundle running on a tray or through walls. This two-part kit allows you to accurately locate one cable out of many running on a tray.

Testing cables is very easy. Plug the cable into both parts, remote and master, and on the master switch to test. The remote will then light up accordingly. As the tester goes through the individual cable wires the corresponding lights with cycle showing that the wires are connected. To test if the wires are correctly placed in the jack move the switch to scan. If everything is correct all 8 LED’s will show green on the remote.

To find where a cable is run, plug on end into the master box, switch it to “Scan”. The master control not puts a signal on the line which the remote sniffer than uses to locate that line. As you move the sniffer end (pointy metal cone) amongst the cables it will give you a very distinctive tone when the cone is close to, within a couple of inches, of the wire you’re searching for. As you get loser the tone becomes stronger allowing you to pick one cable out of many if needed. Next to the cone is a white LED which helps locate the desired cable in a darkened location which is quite often the case.

The only not so great item I found is that the sniffer has static on the speaker and as you turn up the thumbwheel volume control it becomes very distinct. There is an ear phone jack that you could plug a simple earphone into but I doubt that having the constant static in your ear would be very appealing. I can see though that in a noisy environment this may be a very useful item.

So overall this is a good kit to have around for those times when things go sideways. There are a couple of things that I don’t care for:
~The static on the speaker when tracing wires. I’ve used several other similar kits that did not have this problem
~The speaker volume thumbwheel is very cheap feeling and moves very easily



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