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Mondpalast HDMI Splitter 4 Way 1×4 1080p for 3D Full HD 1:4 distributor 1 input 4 output

Mondpalast HDMI Splitter 4 Way 1×4 1080p for 3D Full HD 1:4 distributor 1 input 4 output
Offered by battery-kingdom Price: CDN$ 28.99

Four, count em, up to four monitors at once lit up showing off our services


We end up doing trade shows a number of times each year and part of our display is a set up with three monitors running promo video of our service. We’ve had an old slitter that was used with VGA monitors that I’ve wanted to get rid of for a long time as the resolution was poor. When I saw this available I bumped up our migration to HD monitors on the spot.

Changing up the monitors now that we have an HD splitter will make our service promo look a lot better, and because of this little box we were able to do it under budget.

Really all you need from a splitter is that it sits there hour after hour and reliably pushes the same imagery to the monitors connected to it. This box does exactly that. Right after I received it I hooked it up and left the set up running for over 20 hours. The box became slightly warm; this is something else I like. Anything electronic that runs hot worries me. Either it’s going to die an early death do to the heat or possibly even over heat and short something out.

The splitter box is all metal which is a good thing for us. Trade show set ups are often not handled as nicely as they should be, by the time the show is over you want out of there. Generally anything that doesn’t look like it will break if tossed will be tossed into a box. The construction here is tough enough that it should withstand the tear down abuse it’s going to get.

Video quality cross four monitors (we’ve added one more now that we can) was excellent. No one in the office noticed any degradation of image quality, no visible lines, noise, or ghosting.

Current draw on this is minimal, the adapter runs 5v at up to 1 amp. This is another consideration at trade shows. You only get a certain amperage on you supply line and if you cross over it you pay more, less it better here. It only got mildly warm during those 20 hours.

One thing that I wish it had, and this is a big thing causing me to take off a star, I would like to see some form of mounting. Either brackets or eye holes in the bottom of the box which could be used to slide and lock it in place. That way it could be mounted on the display and we wouldn’t have to worry about it getting left behind somewhere. That and it wouldn’t be able to get tossed into a box. If I had my choice I would go for one or two brackets.

You’ll also notice the packaging wasn’t very elegant (image below) but it was protected.



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