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Mifanstech MXQ PLUS 4K Android TV Box

Mifanstech MXQ PLUS 4K Android TV Box Amlogic S905 Quad Core CPU 4K HD 5.1 Lollipop WiFi 1080P Dolby Sreaming Media Player
Offered by Mifanstech

It’s like a side window to a new universe of multi-media


Things got off to a bad start for me with this box, the first one didn’t work other than boot up and after a couple of days it wouldn’t even do that. So why do I still have a five star rating, simple the seller was extremely fast in responding to my emails and getting a new one sent out to me. I can live with things breaking down, it happens and that’s what warranties are for. To me this is half of the sales equation, how will the seller respond if I have a problem and these guys performed as quick as possible to make it right.

Once I got the second box I was fairly impressed with it. This is the third species of Android box I’ve ordered and I like how this one came all up to date. I only needed to do a small Android update and since Netflix has been updating their app once or twice a week for the last month, that need updating as well.

The included remote has more features than your typical TV box variety but I have a couple of mini keyboards that I prefer to use. Rii® Mini Wireless Backlit Touchpad Keyboard ,Gamepad-feeling Work for PC,Raspberry Pi 2 3, Android TV Box ,XBMC,Windows 7 8 10 and Evangel i8 Backlight Touchpad 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Qwerty Keyboard & Mouse Combo Multi-media Portable Handheld Remote Control for Google Android Devices (Smart TV Box/PC/MacOS/Linux/HTPC/PAD/Raspberry Pi 2 3/Windows XP) There are times when as good as the remote is that a mouse curser is just quicker and when its on a device that works like a remote its a no brainer.

The box has almost everything you need to get set up, TV box, AC adapter, remote (you’ll need to two AAA batteries), and a 4 foot HDMI cable. Once you have everything connected all that’s left is to power up the TV and select the right input. There is an Ethernet jack on the back of the box but if you already have Wi-Fi set up in your home then you have the option of using that instead of running a cable. The box works on 2.4g so there shouldn’t be any problem getting the network connection going.

When I received it there were a number of apps already installed which was nice, I was able start watching within minutes. As it’s an Android box you’ll need to have a Google account in order to download new apps as well as do OS updates. If you already have an Android phone you’ll feel right at home. If not, Google has made it very easy to locate and install millions of apps.

Using it to browse through images or watch digital videos on an external drive is very simple. Plug the external device, either thumb drive or external hard drive into one of the two USB ports located on the right hand side, when looking at the front, from the main window select the Kodi panel and then use the included File Browser app to navigate to your drive, go through the folders and access the individual files. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

I found that it didn’t matter what I was looking at or streaming, everything looked great and when watching videos located on a drive there was never any lagging or drop outs.

With the 2GB RAM and 8GB flash mated with the quad core processor and Penta Core (5 cores) GPU this thing has no problems handling anything we wanted to view with it. Nor does it have any lack of power to drive through the KODI interface and various other supported apps.

One great thing about these boxes is their ability to process and handle just about any image and video format whereas most multi media PC programs will require additional codec downloads and even then there can be limitations.

As for the box itself, it looks pretty much like 99% of the available TV boxes with the exception of the front mounted clock. It’s a nice idea but the digits are so small that seeing the clock and making out the time from more than a few feet away can be difficult unless you’re a 20 year old with 20/20 vision.

Performance wise, after several hours of a Netflix binge it was still running cool.

The only thing I wish it had was another one or two USB ports since one is used up holding the dongle that connects to the wireless keyboard. If you have more than one external drive to connect you’ll need to physically swap them around.

If you feel intimidated with new technology like this, there’s a lot of good information available online and the box really is easy to navigate your way through.



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