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Mayshion 3 in 1 Multiple USB Charging Cable Adapter Connector with 8 Pin Lightning

Mayshion 3 in 1 Multiple USB Charging Cable Adapter Connector with 8 Pin Lightning , Micro USB , Type C Cable 3.3ft (Golden)
Offered by Mayshion Price: CDN$ 9.99

Three, count em, you can charge up to three things at once


excellent product, allows me to charge more than one device at a time. This is not something I’ve seen any other cable do.

## In case anyone is unsure, right up front this is a charging able for the micro and USB C connections, you will only be able to transfer/sync data with the anything that uses iPhone 6 Lightning Connector.

I like this, as long as the devices you want to charge use different connections you can simultaneously charge up the three items. Your charge will of course be spreading the juice across all three devices so it will slow down the overall charge cycle but if you do your charging overnight it really doesn’t matter if it takes a couple more hours to get three things charged at once.

The overall cable quality is very good. The connectors are wrapped in an aluminium shield which helps protect them and also hols the cable/connector joint tightly together.

The connectors themselves are a good quality item. They fit snug and don’t wobble around which helps protect the charging circuit in your device. Any connector that doesn’t fit tight and moves around when connected can cause a dropout in current and then a sudden surge all within milliseconds and this is hard on both the charger but more importantly it’s very hard on your phone.

The cable is braided and champagne coloured. Like most braided cables it’s a little stiffer and less likely to tangle. The hole cable feels and looks like a quality item and so far, the only thing I’d like to see is being able to transfer data on all three connectors but I bought this knowing what I was getting so no points taken.



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