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LONPOO 700A Hi-Fi Slim Mini Sound bar 10W USB Powered TV Speaker

LONPOO 700A Slim Sound bar USB Powered 10W Speaker with Subwoofer support AUX Input and Mic Earphone Output for PC Smartphone Small TV


With the creation of thin screens for both monitors and TV’s audio took a back seat meaning that while the hi-rez displays are sharp the internal speakers when available provide what can at best be called “thin” audio. Laptops also suffer from poor audio, a sound bar like this makes a huge difference when using mine to watch streaming movies. The LONPOO 700A gave me an easy to deploy solution that also looks good.

Right up front, this is not a Bluetooth enabled speaker, I appreciate that most speakers these days are but not everything needs to be BT connected but since it’s such a simple thing to include I’m surprised that it’s missing. The connectivity I need, both RCA (compound audio) connections and 3.5mm auxiliary audio connection are there. There is no SPDIF connection.

► The audio here is very good. High and mid-range is very clear and noise free. Bass isn’t as deep as I would like but considering how small the overall enclosure is I’m happy with the low frequency response. What I mean by noise free is that when connected with the volume turned up all the way and there’s no audio source I can’t detect any hum, popping, or electrical noise of any kind. It’s nice and quiet. Often times when speakers are hooked up to USB connections there is a bit of computer noise but this is well filtered. Plus, because of its overall length I can hear actual stereo separation which adds to the experience when watching movies.

► The speaker looks great, the fit and finish is very well done. The metal grills are a nice touch that I like. The illuminated dial around the oversized volume control is the only indication that the bar is powered on and adds to the overall looks. The volume dial also functions as on/off. By rotating all the way to the left you can hear and feel the switch power the unit off. I was able to fit the bar under a couple of different 24-inch monitors and the length was almost perfect keeping everything looking nice and uncluttered. The rubberized bottom feet do keep it from sliding around but aren’t very tall so on all of my monitors I needed to add some “extensions” in order to keep the middle portion clear of the stand. This doesn’t look like the usual Bluetooth speakers that are everywhere today. Those are designed to look like something you take to a beach party, instead I like that this looks like hi end audio equipment. On the back side are mounting holes which can be slipped onto a couple of screws which then allows it to be hung on a wall.

► There are times like late at night when I still want to use my headset. The ability to plug a headset into the bar is nice since the audio inputs on my laptop or PC are used up by the sound bar connection but the placement of the connectors isn’t great. The connections are on the right side of the volume control. This placement means that my headset cable runs across my keyboard which isn’t convenient so I have to thread the cable such that it’s out of the way. If the connectors were placed on either end the cable would be routed in such a way that it wouldn’t interfere with using the keyboard.

The overall look is very nice, audio quality is great, and it looks like hi end audio equipment but for functionality it could use a little updating as well as having Bluetooth capabilities added.

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