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Lexar High-Performance JumpDrive Tough 32GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive – LJDTD32GABNL

Lexar High-Performance JumpDrive Tough 32GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive – LJDTD32GABNL
Price: CDN$ 21.99


Decent price for the quality of build but still not a screamer in the write department

I’ve owned a lot of Lexar thumb drives plus other memory products and haven’t been all that happy with them. Generally, I found that the construction was low quality. They weren’t the kind of thumb drives I could carry in my jeans pocket without falling apart after a couple of weeks. And write speeds have been poor.

This product has taken the Lexar product line up a notch at least in the build quality. Construction here is not the typical Lexar low end product. I was actually surprised at just how well this thing is put together. One of the down falls their previous products had was the lousy clamshell construction. It simple wasn’t robust enough for anything but sitting around on a desk. To be fair a lot of different makers use the same construction. This drive is put together very different. It’s a one piece molded cover over the circuitry and for all intents and purposes could be water resistant if it wasn’t for the connector. It’s a hard plastic with what feels like a firm silicone type of material covering most of the drive and this allows me to get a grip but still provides a stable platform to keep it from being bent in two. The cover fits very snug and If I was to get pushed into a pool this thing will probably come through without the innards getting soaked.

Like any thumb drive I expect what most people do, fast write speeds. Most deliver decent read speeds but writing generally falls behind. Running Crystal Bench Mark delivered decent read and write speeds but I still found real performance, the kind of thing that goes on every day, to still be slower than its rated for.

One thing that I miss is some form of an LED that indicates activity. This drive has nothing that gives a visual cue to what’s going on.

For the price it’s an ok buy on the 32GB. Would I order it again, if I needed a drive that can live in my jeans pocket yes but I wouldn’t be buying it based on performance, there are better options. As for real life use, the back end of the drive has a large and sturdy loop for connecting to a lanyard when carried around the neck like so many people are doing these days or looping it onto a key chain.

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